Thrown Away

I sit a long way away
my children in continents
not the same but different
not in the same hemisphere
one in the north up above
the other in the south down below
the third one in the centerworld
and I a little further towards east
all of us thrown all over the world
seems interesting in a way
never too easy to move about
pangs of separation haunts most
should have visa to see each other
what a life I am into in a stroke
I bemoan and curse myself
the world has become global
the travel still holds tight
regulations takes the toll
commercials find their way
humanity remains stranded.


Good Tidings.

The lovely voices from far away 

calling at the same time in all gay

one from the northern hemisphere

another from the southern sphere

crying in joy and wishing great tidings

their voice being ebullient and enthusiastic

what a throw it had  with vibrant feelings

hearing them talk I became ecstatic

How well does the children’s talk  rejuvenate?

The day would pass with the same reverberation

that is how I pass my days with  an  injected celebration tidings