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Fighting Tooth And Nail

There being no amity among the brothers
that being very much tarnished
with that of one brother
the rest numbering to three
got together to oust him out
not aiming to break the ties
but refusing him any portion of he wealth
that they all had got of inheritance
one coercing with the other
while the third one posing as a good one
trying to fish out is going in the mind of the one
so as to hatch a plot and get him out
with great effort the family of the affected brother
kept them all away from throwing tantrums
while they by sheer skill and with judicial expense
managed to get the larger portion of the wealth
while the minor part has to be let out in the milieu
having had to fight for the major part of his life .tumblr_mwjngznPQD1rqr335o1_500

A Man Cheated.

Away he went with seething anger
cursing everyone with a danger
swearing with accursed synonyms
calling for a consequence in an antonym
Poor man he being deceived by his siblings
deprived in the most of all his belongings
unable to retrieve them much he tried
had to relinquish them I feel afraid
as he has to stay in this world safe in a demure
fearing greatly that his remaining days would turn insecureangry man

A Fraudster

Doing wrong all the time
but living in prime
calling himself a saint
boasting he has no taint
made me miserably faint.

Taking money from the common pool
believing others to be a fool
saying it is his wife’s tool
getting it approved as a rule
going about like a mule.

He has prospered thus far
never entering the war
but making good of the disposition
being the eldest in position
posing himself a saint in occupation.

As all things have to fall in places
his deal has been diligently in chase.
His deceit has come out from the haze
and now feel shy and bad to face
by hiding himself from everyone’s gaze.fraud

Call it Desire

When desire exceeds all bounds.
It echoes through all sounds.
It wants this being a new-found.
It wishes that belonging to an antique.
Where to go and get? from the attic.
If so it is easy.
Just a climb and a pull.
Not being so it is demanding.
Taking it rather to the limitations
Desire is a cheat and very expensive
It leads to a longing and a fret
that almost promotes a craving.
Attaining it becomes a necessity.
To achieve it is images (26) a straight clamber
pushing back all other things
and getting the predominance.
Desire turns into a pursuit disastrous
bothering the peace and contentment.

Loss Imposed.

griefThe things around are in such glare
that my eyes get blind unable to stare.
Stare do I narrowing my eyes at the grandeur
that hangs on ebullient like the chandelier.

Things not trivial with lot of materials
cause a deep hurt and lead to an arterial
insufficiency that leads to an infraction
of both the mind and heart in a reaction.

Let it go and forget it say my friends
as though it is easy to go like the trend.
Going with Shakespeare I affirm
” No one can master the grief
except the one who has it.”