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Appetites Grow.

It is an appetite

ravenous  in spite

not only of food

that of anything good

be it a  monetary profit

not one of  deficit

be it a landed  property

not anything  derogatory

the thought to hold more

goes with  a focus in core

that be of a great  desire

at times, looks like an ire

the appetite never satiates

as it grows with appreciates.ravenous appetite


Friendship For Gain

The tendency of people nowadays
goes with a thought of benefits
that could be the cause of friendship
that would be the reason for affection.

Designing a character suitable
all being in an appropriate position
that too moving towards an abrupt destination
where the privileges abound in proportion.

The thought of friendship regardless of gains
looks like an age-old formality in the run
when people showed affection for the sake of love
expecting nothing in the background and at distance.

The expectation of profit yielding relation
proves to be an agnostic revelation
that small and tiny transactions
take the cue from commerce leading to a frustration.



The Ambush.

Having had a magnificent life so long.
Living in cheer and grace all along
Like everyone he wanted to chase
something that gave an irresistible impetus
He went behind money not for a change
but wanting to get rich quick
he resorted to ways not normal
as the usual ones bring no prize
so took the path easier to earn
involving in means different and strange
jumping into tracks not modest but illegal
He did succeed early having making huge revenue.
later he found himself in a maze and an entanglement
created not by others but by himself
His peace and smooth sailing got distorted
leaving a panic and fear great
Before he could lose himself fully in the ambush
he got away at the right moment
saving himself and his kith
knowing notambush late that only good would survive.


Profit Fair.

There was no habitation over a stretch.
Not even grass in a long reach.
it was land, plain land, looking bare.
It was neither a desert arid and dry
but it lay untilled and uncared.
Going through it was a tedium
nothing to see and nothing to hear
Realised then the value of care
that bestows uncountable fare
delineating profitcare fair.

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A Thought On Carry Forward.

taxCarrying forward is a financial term.

Carrying  the loss  is to bring down tax .

Carrying  the profit is to lure investors.

Carrying the profit and loss is to run the show.


Well that is how corporates manage to survive.

Well that is how corporates revive.

Well that is how corporates manipulate.

Well that is how the executives contemplate.


Carry forward finds its way  into the registry.

Carry forward drives   a designed delivery.

Carry forward is a disciplined indulgence.

Carry forward is a logical reference.


A thought has led to many investigations.

A thought has brought about many definitions.

A thought for sure can bring about many interpretations.

Well a thought has  released a thoughtful deliberation.