Dashing Through The Road.

Leaving the house in a hurry
she forgot to lock the doors
With all doors and windows wide open
she took her car off in a jump
and drove in such speed dashing through
hip hopping through the streets
knocking every pedestrian who crossed by
hitting all the cars that came opposite
throwing the vehicles that went in front
She went in deadly speed almost like a whirl wind
and reached her destination on a late hour
where her little one was standing out
all alone near the gate of her school.
The mother in her became so violent
that she forgot all norms and factors
Great goes the motherly instinct.little girlschool gate.

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Battle of Siege

Lady Mosquitoeswindows shut

Close the windows and doors.
Close them at once with force.
Why this urgency? in course.

Oh! shut the windows and doors.
Shut them with necessary force.
Why this haste? in course.

Well, do not open the windows and doors.
Well, do not open them with force.
Why this caution? in course.

Fine as the windows and doors are fastened.
There is no add ons required to hasten
the vigil to guard the entrance.

Getting back into a sober ease.
Relaxing comfortably in the closeted freeze.
Eyed the culprit come up from a narrow crease.

With a startled shock rose up in fear
as the attacker came very near.
Quickly seized a bat from rear.

The misnomer goes round and round in a buzz.
There appears a sharp sting butting out from the tress.
Being not bitten is a bless.

The bat is swirled in all directions.
It fails to trap the one with no dimensions.
The bat proves useless before this manipulation.

What was it? cried everyone in alarm.
It was,it was a menace that causes mush harm.
What to say it is a mosquito in its full form.