Down The Lane

Down there goes a car

it is a brand new one

shining black in colour

going behind it were boys

who always love to watch cars

being less privileged  poor ones

they like the sight of cars

and if any new one comes

run behind it to touch and feel

the eyes of these boys

show a dazzle bright

longing to have one such

let them be blessed with tt

wishing them all the opportunities

and means to buy even a better one

Well, that day s not too far

as they are bright and clever

with an aspiration great

be that be this car for the moment.



Dashing Through The Road.

Leaving the house in a hurry
she forgot to lock the doors
With all doors and windows wide open
she took her car off in a jump
and drove in such speed dashing through
hip hopping through the streets
knocking every pedestrian who crossed by
hitting all the cars that came opposite
throwing the vehicles that went in front
She went in deadly speed almost like a whirl wind
and reached her destination on a late hour
where her little one was standing out
all alone near the gate of her school.
The mother in her became so violent
that she forgot all norms and factors
Great goes the motherly instinct.little girlschool gate.

curiosity Poem thoughts

The Car Moves Slowly

The car is moving slowly.
Is it old ? I ponder
It looked latest and brand new.
Yet it went slowly.

Thought that the driver is old.
Little shaky and partially blind
to drive in normal speed.
but found out the driver is not old.

Then the driver should be a learner.
Perhaps he is driving for the first time
so a bit nervous and frightened.
Not so he seems to be an expert.

Why did the car move slowly
Wanting to know the reason
went behind it as though in a procession..
Last found out why it went slowly?

You might curse me for my curiosity.
Well that has been my way of life
seeing things that others do not see
like the car moving slowly.