Impermanence. Poetry

The Destination

That which happens today

was never thought of yesterday

an announcement made today

is denounced tomorrow, the next day

the transitoriness is so remarkable

yet we live with a preamble

we want to proceed as we wish

there is another factor that would dish

dash the thoughts on the wall

we go frantic with our call

that does not matter a wee more

we succumb to the pressures all the more

the impermanence is always there

let us open our eyes and stare

then realize the positives

eschew the negatives

embrace what is possible

leave out the impossible

an acceptance leads us to a satisfaction

peace takes us to thedestination destination.

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Burns to the Earth.

There was a fire burning red.


Lit up to burn the rubbish.


It flagged and waved with the wind.


It then turned into  grey fumes.


It suffocated the inhabitation.


The  smoke emanated  foggy white flakes.


It polluted the environment.


It then subsided into black cinders. 


The ash got spread in the brown terrain.


It lay for ages fresh and undecomposed.


An array of colours  produced a devastation.


An unbearable heat caused a parchment.


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A Swindle Over There.

A large swindle was up there,

Looking above it was sparkling,

The eyes  lost its power of seeing,

It was a powerful wind up  over there.


A great swindle was going on a little away,

Espying keenly it was amazing

The eyes got stuck up to a fixing

It was a gigantic sweep over there.


A top swindle was going on right before,

Reviewing the progress it was tantalizing,

The eyes closed  itself  to a  shooting,

It was a thorough plunder over there.



An entire swindle  was going down below,

Noticing the preemptive it was shocking,

The eyes opened itself to a  cracking,

It was an absolute devastation over there.


All these were enacted in the exchequer,

The nation’s reserve was looted,

Scams in various forms erupted,

Putting the nation to a desolate laugh forever.











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Ode On Odds

Facing difficulties with stoicism is rare,

The plunge into sadness in always there,

The obsession  destroys almost to a bare,

The overture of melancholy is beyond care,

Leaving a grievance almost unfair.



Majority makes the rule and reigns  the world,

The lesser the number  more distraction hold,

The fairer  the contention the more injustice folds,

The greater the tolerance the more attacks load,

Enumerating an experience almost unbearable to withhold.




Physical flaws make head way to a cross,

Limbs at default create a structure loss,

Senses at fault show no outward gloss,

Head without brain causes a faltering gross,

Initiating a significance almost unnerving to a toss.




Mental derangements  carry out a considerable  risky charge ,

Violent tempers dedicate a destructive barrage, 

Anger ignites  a  shrivelling terror at large,

Vengeance provokes a hideous  abominable  discharge,

Recording a happening almost disastrous in  enlarge.




Oddities strike  with energised  haste and  venom,

They come in battalions  to thwart the stratum.,

Causing a definite  terrible pain of spasm,

Disintegrating the entities into a chasm,

Resorting to an inevitable devastation  awesome.