A straight play
be it verbal or action
has a sway great
as nothing goes behind.

Straight is always there
the deviation tempts
it is a distraction attractive
that brings fortune tremendous.

Straight is almost a strain
the short cut fascinates
it is a nearer choice
leads to a the roads to success.

Straight is not close
but stands for permanence
it is hard to overcome
takes to a place of exquisite charm.

Straight we go
the more the delay
the destination seemsstraight far
but the safety is there.

That be the greatness of straight
lengthy it might look
strenuous it might appear
the result would be pleasing and refreshing.


The Innovative Kids

the kids are playing around

what a cacophony they make

shrills110823234__323253c of joy rant around

cries of pain resonate through

with a great willingness

they enter the field

with a greater exhaustion

they depart from the place.

looking at them ,I wonder

not on their enthusiasm

that be found in youngsters

not on the stamina they hold

that to be part of the youth

but on their creativity

how many ways they find out

how many way outs they discover

that too being so small

many of them just the age of six

I feel ashamed of me

having been living long

have not thought of anything new

going by the same procedure

set out by the elders

calling myself traditional and conservative.

Really ,I hold no equal to the little ones

out there causing a cacophony .


The Tax Deviation

The ways and means quoth he

haveimages (78) to be looked into the earnings that be

one of being straight in a way

being less subtle in the fray

that of claiming an honesty

with the lot more sincerity

with that be no dodging  in revenue

converting it into black or white in the venue

putting forth a face that be without  being pungent

calling for an admission that be diligent

he talking about all these in detail

while none paid any heed to his trial

as these days we see an overwhelming put ups

firmly and deceitfully drawn as patch ups

that go to evade taxation that be abnormal

as the governments  levy tax dismal

inducing the traders to go in for double accounting

one cooked up  for the tax accounting

and one another for the real  accounts

That being the common lay out

blaming the trader alone would not work out

as the government should workup the prescription

that had to be compiled with no   deviation

trying to chart out a congenial environment

being healthy and friendly  in averment.








Men And Their Ways.

The thoughts of men
the deeds of men
the lust of men
the greed of men
spring from the den
not knowing when
come up in ten
sometimes like a hen
fluttering like wren
other times from weapons
sharp, incisive and open
getting into the deepen
causing a cut sharpen
with a wordy dampen
able greatly to widen
never possible to shorten
finally releasing a rebellion
bringing in chaos and commotion
rebellionby a siege and desolation.


The Ways Of The World

Great become any when the die.
Death honours them so well.
Their trespasses get buried down.
Their shortcomings go down into the pit.
Their deceit gets burned away by flames.
Mfuneralany have the habit saying
that the dead are Gods
blessing us from where they are.