The Encomium in a Song

Awesome is the word

stuckmeenu Sydney midway in my throat

amazing could be the word

seeing the one kept me afloat.


A meticulous  attempt it be

beautiful  all through

an idea different it be

like to see it  done all through.


A thought of originality  goes into

one of being the creativity at best

would become a great effort unto

an expression of overwhelming zest.


The niceties expressed  all the more

keeps me aghast for a while

the execution calls for once more

as I watch it  all the while.


What a way for a kid to think ?

my ten year old girl creates

a Barbie cake highlighting the blink

the caricature itself elevates.


She made the cake for her birthday

a wish she  cherished for long

a precursor to many accomplishments  in days

being my encomium  in this song.












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A Birthday Wish

three year old-boy-sitting-in-wooden-toy-car-over-white-background-with-60251032It is  the little one’s  birthday

a day to remember

joyful for the  big children

great for the parents

especially to the mother

the little one would find

no difference whatsoever

yet  gets elated mightily

when everyone sing

the Birthday song.

chimes with them

“Happy Birthday to you”

knowing not the meaning

plays with his friends

that too for a while

goes back with his pet toy

being a car in his case

revels pushing it far and near

more or less he is lost

being  in his own world

a place where innocence prevails

where imagination overwhelms

away from the mundane in a way

into a world of fantasy and fascination

Happy Birthday to  you my little grandson.

eleven grace mature. Poetry responsible

A Birthday Song

eleven year old boyTurning eleven  today
 an age of grace
 responsible in a way
playful in a trace
set your goals high
go with an impulse strong
as  your limit is the sky
mature like a beautiful song
rhythmic and melodious.


The hundred-year-old man
celebrates his birthday
so does a one-year-old baby
cuts the cake for his birthday
both do it with a help obvious
one being too old to hold the knife
the other being too little to hold the knife
the fear being the same in both
an injury would be the cause of a tremor
all the same it could be of a playful handle
yet they celebrate for the cause of others
the hundred-year-old for the sake of his progeny
the one year for the wish of his parents
not so for their own in both
as one has lost his memory years back
the other has not built his memory till now.100 year old Maurice Sowter, Camborne 5


The Philosophy Of Life.

All days seem special to me 

there being a ray of hope

there seeming a tinge of joy

there apparently an activity

that dawns with the day

and advances with it

assigning nothing special to every other day

be it birthdays ,anniversaries

assigning no speciality  at any cost

that be my approach all these years

I expect none to wish me for any day

as I feel I am born every day

and my sleep is a death every night

waking up as a new-born feach dayresh

dying like a worn out  exhausted

that be my philosophy all through

which none like and accept.



Happy Birthday My Friend.

A memorable day for you
a memorable day for your family
keeping everyone in your fold
embracing all with your loving hold Happy BirthdayTreating everyone with a professional touch
and making all happy as such.
Preserving unity with your wisdom.
leading a quiet life now seen seldom.
May this day bring you lot of cheer and happiness
that would be bestowed on you by greatness.

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A Birthday Party.

It was a birthday party,

It looked like any other  party,

The child was the  main party,

She did not know about the party.


The child was a frail one year old,

She was in her mother’s hold,

Looking at all with a fear untold,

She felt cramped in the hubbub cold,

Poor child! she trembled in the fold.


The gathering was excited most,

Games were for them almost,

The couples danced  vibrantly to the toast,

Leaving a feeling of distaste utmost,

 Oh! the poor child was ignored foremost.


The cake was cut with much fanfare,

 Happy Birthday ranted high in the air.

The balloons were burst in the fare,

Raising a loud noise beyond the dare,

Oh! the poor child looked like a timid hare.


Was not the party for the child? I enquire,

 Nay! it is for the adults, I hear,

Should not the children participate? I jeer,

 Never! It is a boisterous revelry, very clear,

 Oh! the  poor child started crying in fear.