A Birthday Wish

three year old-boy-sitting-in-wooden-toy-car-over-white-background-with-60251032It is  the little one’s  birthday

a day to remember

joyful for the  big children

great for the parents

especially to the mother

the little one would find

no difference whatsoever

yet  gets elated mightily

when everyone sing

the Birthday song.

chimes with them

“Happy Birthday to you”

knowing not the meaning

plays with his friends

that too for a while

goes back with his pet toy

being a car in his case

revels pushing it far and near

more or less he is lost

being  in his own world

a place where innocence prevails

where imagination overwhelms

away from the mundane in a way

into a world of fantasy and fascination

Happy Birthday to  you my little grandson.


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