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The Home Accounts.

Write your accounts they say
it is a typical way
a record of what you spend
a very good method to depend on
all that is well in spirit
really it gives no respite
a day you forget to write
your conscience kills you not slight
not only, you fear yourself
also, you are scary of the other self
might be your husband at home
who questions you and diffuse your calm
may be your senior in workplaceHome accounts
who makes you feel out of place
Well, this record of what you do
the expenses at home would be few
you know what to buy and what not
there need not be any other way out
writing what you spend and tallying it
time consuming and unnecessary in a bit
the span of life being short
with the survival being fought
an accounting for business is a fit.
but for the house it is unfit
this be my opinion very clear
you may not like it my dear.


Did I Not?

Did I not tell you?
said the mother to her son
Did I not warn you?
said the mother to her daughter.
Did I not bear with you?
said the tired wife to her husband.
How many did I not?
I hear all around
I throw my towels
that be the last
Did I not?


Not The Hoary Past.

The Dharma I know

not he the brother of Arjuna

of the epic Mahabaratha

a man of unreasonable pride

takes us on a joy ride

speaks of his wealth and pedigree

though they vary in degree

goes on a pilgrimage often

wife also in the run

his children left alone in a way

gone wayward in a day

the eldest lives in the world of drugs

makes the others to shrug

the second girl has gone astray

now become sober they say

the youngest is a son

is almost half done

a mixture of both the siblings

beats his wife into the ring

the mother joins him in the fare

the wife unable to bear

walks away from home in disgust

Dharma now is under arrest

that be the end of the story

sounds it not a little hoary

yet it is most recent

from people not decentwife beats husband


The Dumb Doll

I know a sincere woman
so kind and loving
devoted to her husband
doted on her children
was held not with pride by him
treated with a slightest care
thought her to be innocent
more like a dumb doll
paid no attention to her wish
while she to restorethe husband’s health
borrowed heavily in silence
repaid every pie doing handwork
did a mistake by not procuring
the promissory note from the borrower
who black mailed her at times
finally the husband came to know
reprimanded her without mercy
bade her to walk out in the night
as all good things happen late
the borrower changed his mind suddenly
gave back the note to her
the husband calmed down
the woman by now had become suave
she bid adieu and walked out straight
into the open big world
to find herself born again
the dumb doll became a clever lady.dumb doll


The Squabble

squabbleThere being no answer
the ring going on for long
creates a disturbance with fear
the mind could not rest
the heart jumps out
a slight suspicion runs through
that there being a squabble
the husband who is perfect
the wife being over enthusiastic
their egos clash periodically
quarrels rise up now and then
with the man repeating the accusations
the wife repenting and crying
this being the routine so far
the call not answered
sends a chill down the spine
hope my surmise goes wrong.


The Man And Wife

There be a fight between man and wife

 it had been all through in their life

 the man being in an enviable position

 the woman too behind him in all decision

 never had they spent one night peaceful

quarrelling and making life doleful

with  both of them having  lot of brains

but every time there was a strain

 so they lived for years together

 with  no understanding rather

 One day the shout rose high  

 the wife wrote a letter   and cried

 she went to sleep in her hotel room

 the night predicted a doom

 as the man slipped from the highest floor

fell down dead  before the door

 there came an end to their fight

 while the woman cried the whole night 


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A Grand Old Lady.

15024-old-woman-with-a-sore-back-using-a-cane-clipart-by-djartA lady I know
fat and plump she grew
dark and ordinary she looked
but she was hooked
unknowingly in  a young age
by a man not a sage
but who was filled with vices
being faithful in her otherwise in ties
she lived a life with him
bearing his children not dim
all the seven were brought up
she having inherited  wealth topped up
by revenue from her father’s estate
lived a regal life with her husband
who was a tom boyish but grand
a play boy but had status
earned not a single cent
but extended a kindly bent
remaining hospitable all through life
she supporting him in all his strife
while he was down and fallen sick
she nursed him with the loveliest care quick
having lost him now at  the ripe years
she is mostly confined to the chair  with tears
counting her days to get away
having gone through the full circle in a sway.


The Power Of Love.

A call in the early hours

came from a senior lady

not for anything serious

but for a help really

though not a very big obligation

nor an expensive deal rather

being a small purchase in supposition

that of a zari dhoti   in grandeur

she still is overseeing meticulously

the husband’s  need  in detail

wanting to complete his  wardrobe carefullyzari

with this special buy in retail

loving to see him attired so  finely

for the forthcoming festival

Diwali  the  one of lights  mainly

expressing her love for him subtly.






The Deal —-Feminism At The Back

There erupts a tease

there emanates a fleece

it is a deride

it is a high bide

being a woman

is but inhuman

as she  is at stages

under her father till an age

then her husband takes the reign

followed by the sons in all signs.

The fatherly role is too authoritative

with a strict approach tentative.

The dictator is the husband

getting her dancing to his loud band

while the son plays a self-conceited game

putting I before all in no shame.

The girl, wife and mother

with no pride in her feathers

with mouth shut and eyes downcast

plays second fiddle to everything fast

that being the fate of the woman

wherein she is a graceful  human

as long as she goes by the male’s domination

once she revolts and rebels

she has to move with a label

a shrew with a vicious ambition.images (8)