The Cockpit Of A Plane

In the cockpit of a plane
there was a fight in plain
the flight was on its way
the fight was going all day
the captain’s instruction went unheard
the co-pilot took the control instead
beat and slapped the captain for no reason
the passengers on board travelled in ignorance
their lives in crew’s hands through the distance
the captain prudently deviated path
landed deftly at the nearest spot
cockpitthe situation is unimaginable
the event sounds incredible.


Blood For Bread—– Allegory

it is a bread

an ordinary bread

not a whole loaf of bread

but a morsel of bread

that led to a blood

gory and fierce blood

a splatter all over of blood

fearful sight of blood

the fight for the bread

brought out this blood

humanity and its bred

demand the blood

for a piece of bread

hunger and anger instead

want bread and blood

ends up with a lot of blood

but without  a piece of bread.Blood for bread.


The Fighting Two.

The fight  between the two
is it absolutely true
it sounds so pettish
at times even garish
the two not known much
leave alone the fame as such
not on a personal level too
pick up fight  from the blue
exchange dual in   a fleet
while they forget their feet
down they go into the drain
their shouts start to rain
that be the way they behave
think one another  as each one’s slave

The Man And Wife

There be a fight between man and wife

 it had been all through in their life

 the man being in an enviable position

 the woman too behind him in all decision

 never had they spent one night peaceful

quarrelling and making life doleful

with  both of them having  lot of brains

but every time there was a strain

 so they lived for years together

 with  no understanding rather

 One day the shout rose high  

 the wife wrote a letter   and cried

 she went to sleep in her hotel room

 the night predicted a doom

 as the man slipped from the highest floor

fell down dead  before the door

 there came an end to their fight

 while the woman cried the whole night 


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A Day To Day Tale.

Speeding through the narrow lane

he went in twos and threes

almost knocking everyone down.

finally crashed on the end of it

getting bruised badly.


Jumped on the bike once again

resumed his ride with more velocity

jumping over each head that came his way

looking like a phantom he rushed through

finally reaching his destination

with an  injury  visible.


Slammed past the door of the house

entered  the living area with anger

seized his estranged  wife who stood there

pulled her across in a frenzy

put her on his bike with force

rode  as fast as he could.


The wife raised a hue and cry

wailing and weeping with fear

taking no notice of her shouts

he went back through the lane

again with the same gusto

reaching home in no time.


Dragged her into the house

placed her in the bed

locked the room behind him

fell on his knees before her

begging her to pardon him

she knowing not what to do.


The climax was the least expected

he held her hands in amour

and with tears running down his cheeks

kissed her  gently with passion

sealing her lips with emotion

with that they lived happily ever after.


Sfight.kirmish do occur everywhere

Differences do crop up  unexpectedly

Forgetting and forgiving is the way to live

specially should be found in wedlock

where the yoke is borne by both

the husband and wife  need to walk together.















Freedom Fight

The fight for freedom was at its peak
everyone shouting in a shriek
Their anger rose in heights
greater than the blazing fire’s sprites.
Up and above the rant surmounted
leading to a violence in a tantamount.
unable to control the mobs move
the police entered into beating through
There was tear gas and shooting around
bringing about wounds and deaths in a bound.
How long could liberty be suspended?
Freedom was finally promulgated.
Did the people use it wisely is to be interrogated?
But that images (32) we hear is the freedom has been misused. .


One Step Back.

Cimages (13)hildren fight for things they want
and if they do not get it
they enter it blows
making the whole unpleasant.

Adults do it more subtly
or shall I say most crudely too
by killing and murdering
the opponent in cold blood.

So do the nations
by warring with each other
over some transactions
losing many innocent lives.

A patience or a tolerance
let it be anything
step aside and see
you would find a resolution.

Blows by children
murder by adults.
and war by nations
would be not there.

Actions cause Experience fall Lesson Life observation Poem threat. turmoil

Nothing at All.

sea fightA fight is going on in the sea.
Over an issue as small as a bee.
The gun shots go out in a spree.
Making the less powerful to flee.
The winner sails across the sea.
Reaches his destination in a glee.
Before he could rejoice he turns to see.
Lo! there arises another turmoil brewing up in the sea.

Actions Evolution Experience Interpretation learning Lesson Poem Straight. Theory thoughts travel Truth.

A Straight Road Ahead— An Allegory

straight roadA straight road is ahead.
There seems no turns in the stead.
It is a long stretch ahead
Yes, go straight to the stead.

The way takes you straight.
Exposing nothing in the trait.
It is nothing but straight.
Everything else reflects the trait.

It is monotonous travel right.
Going steady without a flight.
Believe it is a certainty right.
Moving forward without a fight.

Surely, you would reach the destination late.
Nothing to press an acceleration in the slate.
Struggling you achieve the nominations very late.
It is a gradual but slow realization on the slate.

Realizing you get straight to your end.
Crossing the sea of life without a bend.
That is how you have to live up to the end.
Straight in stature without a single bend.

Actions Age Anger Experience feelings Interpretation Poem thoughts turmoil

Would They?

rightsFight for your rights goes the thought.
Fight for justice prompts the mind.
Fight for equality calls the experience.
Fight for truth is the much used slogan.
Well, would all these fights work out?
Would all these fights yield fruit?
Would they? Would they? is the query
that would remain unanswered for centuries.