On The Shore

On the sea shore

there are more

pebbles small and big

excessive they are in a dig

in many shapes as well

hexagon and square in  tell

tiny conches and shells

found there in a dwell

I, like a child eagerly

 gathered them steadily

threw them into the water

flowed they back in a splatter

engaged in a play for a while

so it continued in great style

the  game brought  memories  of past

which have been rightly cast

at the rear end of the mind.

Now, I see it as a great find.

A wisdom I attained after years

a way to live in  good cheer

is to rememberpebbles the good  more

forget the rest as it is a bore.



The eyes stare

the sea roars in the fare

both being fathomless


The Vast Blue Ocean

sea blue

The sea out there in the vast expanse

looks calm and beautiful gleaming blue

creating a sensational delivery and a pleasant accommodation

where we relax and enjoy for a short respite

filling the lungs with the fresh salty wind

that brush past the face cooing closely into the ears.

Being so, an export and import

depositing the wealth of the sea on land

taking back that which is found on land

the commercial transactions on the go

being introduced by the loving ocean earlier.

A to and fro movement along with a stimulation

that makes it more of an enchanting space

than being an endangered place .

The waters hold hundreds of dwellings for habitation

with the fish found in abundance

along with whales ,tortoise, sea gulls and sea animals .

Enhancing the value of the sea there be

the growth of coral reef and pearl sheaths

being all a passage for travel and transactions

an exotic piece of nature lively and enchanting

exhibiting beauty and grace in largess

exposing risk and danger expressed in its unpredictability

The ocean locked up in silence bursts with a roar

gulping a many a lovable living and material filling

with a swallow and devour all too sudden

being a great force possessing a velocity unknown

the sea is the harbinger of civilization

and the hub of commercial transactions

all in one go with a swipe genial and a strike harsh.


The Water Force.

the ease and flow
with the ebb and high
through the tide and wave
comes the sea to the land
pushing out a lot of shells
pulling in a fair amount of land
the daily affair continues so
with the flow and blow
coming in and going out
there be as low acquisition
an inch by inch tracking
that which goes on for years
why not for centuries together
the water being a powerful force
attributing a claim in the move
configures the land by lengths
enabling a larger water mass
as against the land proportion
paving the way to an extinction of life
though not to be envisaged in the near future
but being a possibility in the next century

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The Sea In Its Fervour.

There in the beach 

sitting on the sandy stretch

the thoughts rise with the tide

up and up it goes with strength

then it slowly  flows back

as the tide goes down to the sea.


The repetition goes on for some more time

with the sea fuming and frothing all through

the mind is at turmoil and distracted

sighing and heaving with  frenzy

the sea, then settles down softly

so does the mind relaxing sea gently  to peace.






When The Wind Blows

the wind is calling me

 from a way away

 persuading me to fly with it

 across the oceans

 crossing the deep blue waters

carrying the salty moist laden vapours


with a fury and frame  most strong

depositing them into the place it lands 

resting there for a while in the still silence

again collects its momentum with a force

then blows across the opposite direction

raging in violence bringing the sky down

with that it enters another region in the sphere

completely tamed down and quiet

flowing like a cast away

ending up meekly and demure

looking as though it is paying its obeisance .


The Enchanting Sea.

The deep blue sea

looks enchanting to see

as it rises up  above the knee

enabling us to  sail without fee

a pleasant ride  in a glee

with wind blowing free

a journey calm without a flee sea sail




The Sea Circumscribed.

The boundaries of the sea are unbound.
The depth of the sea is deep down.
The surface of the sea is blue in tone
The sound of the sea is a roar all round.
Does this circumscription of its vastness seemsea unsound?

Actions cause Experience fall Lesson Life observation Poem threat. turmoil

Nothing at All.

sea fightA fight is going on in the sea.
Over an issue as small as a bee.
The gun shots go out in a spree.
Making the less powerful to flee.
The winner sails across the sea.
Reaches his destination in a glee.
Before he could rejoice he turns to see.
Lo! there arises another turmoil brewing up in the sea.

Actions Environment Experience Life subscriptions Theory thoughts True

An Exception

The waves toss high and low.

The sea comes in and goes out.

The fire rises up and slumps down.

The forests get thick and then thins down.

The  mountains grow huge and declines down

The path runs steep and straightens out.

Man alone stands out from this natural recourse.