A Quarrel

This is beyond comprehension,
could be a misapprehension- a quarrel.

Not among countries
over a dispute of land, but a lasting quarrel.

Not among races
around differences, but a dirty quarrel.

Neither between communities
relating to rituals, but a disquietening quarrel.

Nor between the groups
connoting to the religious practices, but a disturbing quarrel.

Being the most common one
associated with the couple, an ideological quarrel.

Being very frivolous in terms
involving the least reasons, a clandestine quarrel.

Happens day in and day out
lasts for months and years, the perennial quarrel.

A clash of the ego, a conflict of the minds
expressed substantially in this unwanted quarrel.

The child  caught in between stays. harmed
an unnecessary evil cast  by this ignominious quarrel.

Anger Poetry sundued

Feuds And Fights.

The feuds and fights

turn ugly on stage

anger and fury

blow up in rage

that which is within

becomes more serene

that which is without

turns into a rout.

Quarrels at home in a range

should never break the verge

confined within the walls

would sound  less in  a call

subdue and subside when provoked

a burst out could never be revoked

behave not atrociously in a fold

a smile could be nice to behold

with that win the world.stock-photo-angry-father-and-son-having-an-argument-isolated-on-white-background-125366117

Poetry solidarity.

The Togetherness

A togetherness in a crowd

is a quality to be proud

how many of the loved

travel with humility in bowed

each one has the ego in a cloud

which echoes itself in a loud

the one over there cries aloud

the other one here shies cowed

with that comes a skirmish all in a way

followed by a tussle all through the day

that keeps each other in a bay

the protagonist and the antagonist  stay

their chauvinism turns sour and loses

that much for the togetherness

where solidarity remains in the wilderness

and the loved ones  trail itogethernessn blessedness.


The Squabble and Fight.

The wrath portends a sway
That be of a vengeance
Carried from times long
That be of the filial hatred
Concentrating on the wealth
The family inherited
Having been divided partially
The least beneficiary nurturing a grievance
That inebriated him for long
Being unable to solve in his lifetime
Passed on to his son
Who being a young man
With the youth in his side
The fresh blood took up arms
Gunning and shooting his cousins
That paved the way for a cessation
Making the town fall apart
Those who support the other one
Became the targets of the affected
That went on for years
People holding a grudge against each other
The patrolling force could do no wonder
Except for a few arrests now and then
A small deviation sowed the way for discrimination
Tearing the town, then the nation on the whole
With the civil war on the anvil
There lay a great danger ahead
Such do the Asian nations
Fight each other without any reason
Forgetting they were good neighbours in the past
Opening their portals to the western military action
Who stay long making much of these petty trivial
Fattening their own nation in the milieu
Impoverishing the fighting nations


The Squabble

squabbleThere being no answer
the ring going on for long
creates a disturbance with fear
the mind could not rest
the heart jumps out
a slight suspicion runs through
that there being a squabble
the husband who is perfect
the wife being over enthusiastic
their egos clash periodically
quarrels rise up now and then
with the man repeating the accusations
the wife repenting and crying
this being the routine so far
the call not answered
sends a chill down the spine
hope my surmise goes wrong.


The Man And Wife

There be a fight between man and wife

 it had been all through in their life

 the man being in an enviable position

 the woman too behind him in all decision

 never had they spent one night peaceful

quarrelling and making life doleful

with  both of them having  lot of brains

but every time there was a strain

 so they lived for years together

 with  no understanding rather

 One day the shout rose high  

 the wife wrote a letter   and cried

 she went to sleep in her hotel room

 the night predicted a doom

 as the man slipped from the highest floor

fell down dead  before the door

 there came an end to their fight

 while the woman cried the whole night 


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Wordy Fire.

Picking up quarrel often
being common in children
wanes as days go by
while the children grow into adults
the tendency subsides with a virtuosity
bringing in a composure of equanimity
This being the case in general
there be few exceptions as might be
where even septuagenarian quarrels
at the slightest annoyance and delivery
mostly when there is nothing in the basic
but raising the voice and engaging in wordy fights
ill-fitting his age and experience greatly
Well, can not expect anything more from him
as he gets provoked and once went to an extreme
by setting fire to an innocent girl who died
burnt by the flames ignited by this manfire
it is both the real fire and the wordy smoke
His wrath and foul mouth have framed him
as an evil being detested by all around him.

Actions Age Anger argument authority Poem Theory thoughts threat.

Ay You.

young girls fightingMath puzzle.It was a row
not among elders.
it was a tussle.
not among the parties.
It was a fight
not among the communities.
It was a quarrel
not among the sections.
It was an argument
not among the politicians.
it was a controversy,
almost among two of equal age.
It became heated in terms.
The heat turned unbearable.
It rose like a blazing fire.
Shouts in loud voice filled the air.
It drew lots around.
Old and young rushed to the spot.
The two were standing with faces red.
Gesticulating at each other in high temper.
The loveliest was saying
“I am four years old.
The other one was crying
“I am five years old”
The assertive one quipped
“Four is greater than five.”
The relatively bigger one
meekly refuted that five is bigger than four.
The smarter of the two stoutly denied
“ay you, four is greater than five.”
silencing the older one.
The five-year old walked down the lane
beaten by the four-year old.
Unobtrusively Darwin’s theory
“survival of the fittest”finds its way.