Ruin Cast.

A hue and a cry over nothing
chaos over anything
always keen in shouting
very free in abusing
accusing and alleging
finally gives an ultimatum
speaks in tandem
talks about episodes random
throws at last tantrum
the man, my cook is a guy
should be banished with a sigh
provokes and irritates me in a try
a man who turns my day to ruin.bad temper.


The Excess

The excess of anything is a danger

as it causes an intoxication in a ranger

be it food in a Kakaw_(Mayan_word)quantity  beyond

as indulgence lands in  orbits of outbound

be it wealth in a way

as opulence takes you far away

be it  temper striking entire

as the gravity stabs the  interior

be it  brains  in a say

as intelligence touches lunatic stray

be it passion  in straight

as sensual extravagance  creates a blight

be it fashion in show

as over exposure brings you to bow.

be it mercy in the go

as  tenderness pitches you against a foe

anything right or wrong

a moderation should be your song

as it would put you in a stature

lively and delicate making you great and mature.



Subdue Temper

A control of the temper is not much seen

Like the seasons tempers do change

The anger  grows up slowly in cases

bursting forth with a tantamount .

Others the fury spurts out the moment

it seeps in unobtrusively

releasing an unpleasantness

and much unwanted confusion

irking all  around in no mean terms.

If tempers are handled with moderation

there would be peace and goodwill

which  are the need of the hour.

This should be not only with men individually

but get across the communities and societies

enfolding the countries specifically

wherein there would be much   cordiality

and geniality generating a kindred spirit

and the world would rest in absolute happiness.temper



The Likely Known

The cause for a storm
remains unknown.
The reason for an earthquake
goes unknown.
The rhyme for anger
is well-known
The rational behind it
must be known.
Judging by the face
makes everything known.
As face indexes the mind
is a likelylikely known known.
Exceptions could be there
as in all cases known
Mostly the countenance gives out
fully is the best known.


Vulnerable She Is

Vulnerable she is to tempers.
A quick hit enrages her
A sharp remark ignites her..

She throws things out
once she dislikes the way
they are brought in.

Lies straight to the face
make her jump and prowl
forcing a distance.

Acts to pretend
as good souls
cause a vehemence.

Taking off things
illegitimately and in stealth
infuriates her

Wherever she goes
she sits in a place offered
not a wee beyond she moves.

Whatever they give
she accepts with a smile
demanding nothing more.

Expecting the same
she gets disappointed
as none do likewise.

Knowing her vulnerability
the kith manipulate
forecasting a celebration
SheI remains unfolded.
She cannot fold
to pranks and truancy. vulnerable

Actions Age Anger argument authority Poem Theory thoughts threat.

Ay You.

young girls fightingMath puzzle.It was a row
not among elders.
it was a tussle.
not among the parties.
It was a fight
not among the communities.
It was a quarrel
not among the sections.
It was an argument
not among the politicians.
it was a controversy,
almost among two of equal age.
It became heated in terms.
The heat turned unbearable.
It rose like a blazing fire.
Shouts in loud voice filled the air.
It drew lots around.
Old and young rushed to the spot.
The two were standing with faces red.
Gesticulating at each other in high temper.
The loveliest was saying
“I am four years old.
The other one was crying
“I am five years old”
The assertive one quipped
“Four is greater than five.”
The relatively bigger one
meekly refuted that five is bigger than four.
The smarter of the two stoutly denied
“ay you, four is greater than five.”
silencing the older one.
The five-year old walked down the lane
beaten by the four-year old.
Unobtrusively Darwin’s theory
“survival of the fittest”finds its way.

Actions Anger Power pressure Progress subscriptions threat. Wish

Justifiable Anger

anger justifiedIt was an anger.
It was a justifiable anger,
directed on those not meagre
who created a disaster
spoiling the environment to a shudder,
destroying the ambience to a bother
causing enmity in an hour
speaking foul with a fervour
disrespecting all with rigour
breaking rules with a hammer,
ignoring discipline in a trigger
indulging in unlawful acts with a deceit clever.
engaged in stealing with a devour,
involved in cheating with a smart demeanour,
accepting bribes with an amour,
conniving and conspiring with a lilting temper,
spreading unrest with a flavour
carrying on illicit trades almost ever,
letting out a smoke of pernicious danger.

Actions Anger break deride Experience fall Lesson Life silence subscriptions Theory thoughts turmoil

The Accusation.

There was a bang next door.

Something fell on a floor.

Other things flew out of the door.

Certain others flew in a soar.

Every other thing was in fours.


The shrieks ranted the air.

The shouts lay everything bare.

There was nothing to share.

There was no one to care.

It was a terrible blare.


“It is you ,you”,  accused a voice in anger

“Not me, me,”sobbed the other in a whisper. 

The dialogue was converted into a slander. 

The exchange was disgracefully vulgar.

The incident did not propose a healthy augur.


The storm died down with an intermittent intervention.

The intrusion became a hapless, weak contravention.

The go back would be a shameful digression.

A physical abjure would have been a better proposition.

Alas! the wordy abuse was an incisive demonstration.

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A Smile Is A Smile.

A smile is a smile to me,

it is an expression of happiness,

It looks so to me,

See beyond it,say many

There would be a tinge of joy,

There would be a trace of melancholy,

it would bear an outline of anger,

it would conceal a violent temper,

it would camouflage ignorance,

it would also hide a vengeance,

If that is so, I feel,

the smile is no longer a smile.


Actions Anger Experience insecure

Insecurity Acts.

It was a sudden outrage,

It was a burst of temper,

It was alarming, very alarming.


It was very spiteful,

It was wantonly done,

It was disgusting, very disgusting.


It was really intriguing,

It was actually disturbing,

It was painful, extremely painful.


After long deliberation,

Caught the theme,

It looked distressing, very distressing.


It was all due to insecurity,

It was because of untold fear,

It made me sad,very sad.


Insecurity invokes anger,

It also invites suspicion,

It  acts disproportionately.