The Excess

The excess of anything is a danger

as it causes an intoxication in a ranger

be it food in a Kakaw_(Mayan_word)quantity  beyond

as indulgence lands in  orbits of outbound

be it wealth in a way

as opulence takes you far away

be it  temper striking entire

as the gravity stabs the  interior

be it  brains  in a say

as intelligence touches lunatic stray

be it passion  in straight

as sensual extravagance  creates a blight

be it fashion in show

as over exposure brings you to bow.

be it mercy in the go

as  tenderness pitches you against a foe

anything right or wrong

a moderation should be your song

as it would put you in a stature

lively and delicate making you great and mature.



The Most Beautiful

most beautifulPretty ,they say she is.
Dainty and beautiful they call her.
Lovely and charming go their address
Everything is in the superlative.
She is the best and best of all
they continue their harangue.
They go about hailing her physique
and appearance in great terms
but a little away from it
there is no talk about her brains.
Does she have or doesn’t she ?
Perhaps it is beauty that overlaps her wit.
It might also as most say be
where beauty lies
brilliance walks out.