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I Sit And Stare,

It is a Sunday  evening

have nothing to do

mostly I do nothing always

sit and stare for hours

read and write for many hours

sleep soundly for many more hours

that is how I pass my days

either it be any day

Monday to Friday

through the week days

Saturday and Sunday

the week end days

I sit and stare

reas and write

sleep and sleep

any of you want to be like me?

nay, never as I know

you would all be busy always

no time to stand ans stare

if you try my professon once

would not leave it for ever

I sit and stare.stare

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With Or Without.

no shirtSaw a man without a shirt.
sitting on a bench dirt.
talking to certain flirts.
expressing with a blurt.

Bare bodied he stands
above his frivolous band
thinking of his acts grand
as if he is creating a beautiful brand.

Shirtless he spends his day
Engaging himself in a way,
Emanating noises similar to a bray.
Holding his group in a sway.

He feels shirts are not for him
as he is a simple to the brim.
They take the light out of him
making him look dim.

He beams with pride
as he has nothing to hide.
He cannot take sides
as none want to sit besides.

He is no body builder
but a cheap bidder
He is not a pleader
as he is not a reader.

Read or write he knows not.
Behaviour or decorum he knows not.
Modesty or magnanimity he knows not.
How to be, with shirt or without, we know not?

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The Importance Of Reading.

Reading well enhances knowledge.

The  well read  impart best tutelage.

Reading thorough directs  a lovely arrange.

Intensive read indicates a wholesome average.

Reading entire releases a fine coverage.

In depth read embarks on a neat footage.

Reading persistently revives an extensive  foliage.

A comprehensive read  for sure expresses a leverage.

 Reading with  love is a lively  delightful  anchorage.

 Stimulating  read is  more or less like a  refreshing beverage. 

Reading  makes a man learned all through the age.

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A Smile Is A Smile.

A smile is a smile to me,

it is an expression of happiness,

It looks so to me,

See beyond it,say many

There would be a tinge of joy,

There would be a trace of melancholy,

it would bear an outline of anger,

it would conceal a violent temper,

it would camouflage ignorance,

it would also hide a vengeance,

If that is so, I feel,

the smile is no longer a smile.


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Schools Of Yester Year.

Years ago children loved school,

it was another home to them,

Learning was never cumbersome,

It rendered a development wholesome.


Children learnt with ease,

Numbers were easily mastered,

Letters were finely read,

Everything went directly to the head.


Learning was both study and play,

Simple practices enabled counting

Carry over was established in adding,

Take away was used in subtracting.


Language  became a felicitous facility,

Grammar opened up the intricacies,

Usage delivered the delicacies,

Communication became relevancies.


It was an enjoyable experience,

The teacher and taught worked together,

There was no pressure or ill feeling rather,

It was a perfect harmony altogether.








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Read Aloud- A Command

My friend  bade me to read aloud,

Letters and words jumbled up in a fold,

My voice stumbled to a hold,

Fear lurked up  making me cold,

Yet I read aloud.


Raising my tone high and high,

Reading with a moderate shy,

I settled to ease by and by,

My first attempt  was a good try,

As I took up the dedicated fly.


My reading was quite  interesting

The audience heard with rapt  binding,

There was a silence really filling,

Adding to the grace of the rendering,

I stood amidst grand rebuilding.


Applauses rant the air,

Appreciation encircled the fair,

Questions came up in pair,

Pat came the answers  from me in quick spare,

I remain grateful to my friend’s care.