happily India Poetry

Come To My Land.

Come to my  land

go with a band

fold the hands

take  an elegant stand

look not bland

show up grand

create your brand

live happily amidst all  Indian lady

that be your life in all

as you slowly diffuse into sand.


The Few.

Few they say is limited
few they argue is little
well, this is not new
as few could make a million
they could also see a trillion
if they aspect exactly
if they progress directly
there could be almost all thing
a fly over by few
a throw out by few
a defeat by a few pull out
and finally a few as you know
could make wonders in straight goal
a few are really great.

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Evergreen Beckons

memoriesreflectionsEvergreen keeps on haunting.

Memories cast a taunting.

Recollections  indicate an overwhelming.   

Reflections  carry a loud thinking.


Past is not history always.

Lessons it imparts imply a say.

Deliberations hold us in a sway.

  Releasing an evergreen permeation all gay. 


Greenery  is a feast to the physical eye.

It fills up the heart  with pride high.

Paucity of greenery causes a sigh.

It is nature’s endowment beyond a buy.


Enthusiasm  enliven the soul.

Encouragement leads to the goal.

Happiness plays the lead role.

Imposing a green tone on the whole.


Evergreen beckons all to a road.

Trace of green is found in every fold.

Its physical tinge exhibits a lively gold.

Its  abstract form builds up an  enthralling  reload .

















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Read Aloud- A Command

My friend  bade me to read aloud,

Letters and words jumbled up in a fold,

My voice stumbled to a hold,

Fear lurked up  making me cold,

Yet I read aloud.


Raising my tone high and high,

Reading with a moderate shy,

I settled to ease by and by,

My first attempt  was a good try,

As I took up the dedicated fly.


My reading was quite  interesting

The audience heard with rapt  binding,

There was a silence really filling,

Adding to the grace of the rendering,

I stood amidst grand rebuilding.


Applauses rant the air,

Appreciation encircled the fair,

Questions came up in pair,

Pat came the answers  from me in quick spare,

I remain grateful to my friend’s care.