lyric. Poetry

Rain In A Way

I see rains 

after a  while

not so in style

falls with pride

on all sides

not here and there

but everywhere

not very heavy

but an escape  from levy

that of hot sun

which at times is fun

not a good shower

enough for the flowers

Well! that is how it rains

not very much in  a strain

it is but beautiful though

it is scanty in a row

yet it rains all throughfun-rainy-day-activities-kids-800X800

a respite from the blue.

That be the rain today

call it rain in a way.


The Few.

Few they say is limited
few they argue is little
well, this is not new
as few could make a million
they could also see a trillion
if they aspect exactly
if they progress directly
there could be almost all thing
a fly over by few
a throw out by few
a defeat by a few pull out
and finally a few as you know
could make wonders in straight goal
a few are really great.


I Do Not know.

Little do I know
about the language.
Little do I know
about the grammar.
Little do I know
about the structure
Little do I know
about the usage.
little do i know
about the punctuations.
Little do I know
about the period.
Little do I know
about the intricacies.
But I do speak.
More so I do write.
Mostly I write some poetry.
I-Don't-KnowHow do you?
You might ask.
How do I ?
I wonder
coming out with an answer.
I really do not know.


The Suspense Over.

The suspense got over
it is nothing to think over.
Something that hovers
for quite some time
and gets away from sight.

The result was not to taste
but was given in haste.
Well accepting it as chaste
gives a lively feeling
and a pleasant images (91)endowment.

With whatever that has been given
could create much wonder
With that thought in mind
went ahead with determination
along the sides with exertion.

Well, that has become my take
right from young age.
Getting the least of what lies
making the most of what I get
a practice of making it perfect.

This result is one such one
Nothing great nothing less.
Had a setback slight in the affront.
But took it in stride without any brunt.
This attitude serves as a best option.

Actions Child Experience Interpretation Life thoughts Transitory

Transitory it is

The little one had a muffin,

Eating it bit by bit,

She enjoyed every bit,

She ate it little by little,

The taste added to her cheer,

She then took a hard bite,

A big piece got stuck,

She got choked ,

Her face turned pale,

Her eyes welled with tears,

The joy turned out dreary,

Oh! what a transformation,

All in a second.




break retreat thoughts

Away a Little While

It is a retreat  far away,

In  a tail end  bay,

Away  from  familiar faces,

Away from known places,

Away from stressful tedium,

Away from   garrulous medium,

Away only for  a little while .