Me, Without A Clue

Think for a while

quoth my mother in style

I was upset in a way

things have gone astray

Lo! my mother interrupts

her wisdom disturbs.

Have I been ever rash?

there I see a flash

It is but foolish

I had not spoken my wish

It is my silence all through

rash it is in terms true

quietness is an arrogance

considered also as an irreverence

Well! that is me through and through

always to myself without a clue

the same to  those far and near

even to my mother so dear.


break retreat thoughts

Away a Little While

It is a retreat  far away,

In  a tail end  bay,

Away  from  familiar faces,

Away from known places,

Away from stressful tedium,

Away from   garrulous medium,

Away only for  a little while .