home Poetry

More At Home

More at home

never like to roam

a home is a home

small or big

like to dig

eat few figs

read a book  with interest

that is the way I rest

with that my life is full of zest

a read, a write and a sleep

with thoughts not very deep

I stay at home all the time

not matter when the clock and write

home institute Poetry


I have no institutions

I do no improvisations

I have no introductions

nor do I  any reductions.Instituions

I am an institute by myself

frame rules for myself

try not to break them by self

nor do I impose on  others?

That is my outlook personal

might be seen not in books regional

a different thought  not seasonal

do I seem rational or  irrational?

Institutions begin at home

spread through, not in a roam

grow quietly like a psalm

should blossom with an aplomb.

home Poetry

The Home Accounts.

Write your accounts they say
it is a typical way
a record of what you spend
a very good method to depend on
all that is well in spirit
really it gives no respite
a day you forget to write
your conscience kills you not slight
not only, you fear yourself
also, you are scary of the other self
might be your husband at home
who questions you and diffuse your calm
may be your senior in workplaceHome accounts
who makes you feel out of place
Well, this record of what you do
the expenses at home would be few
you know what to buy and what not
there need not be any other way out
writing what you spend and tallying it
time consuming and unnecessary in a bit
the span of life being short
with the survival being fought
an accounting for business is a fit.
but for the house it is unfit
this be my opinion very clear
you may not like it my dear.