A Home Away From Home.

A home away from home

could become  a second home

never could the first

be replaced at the best.


Having to live in such a way

she spends part of her days

being at home for months few

at the second one in a due.


The homes throw warmth

one being bearable  and calm

the other  extends a swelter

hot and scorching rather.


Being blessed to live in countries hot

could it be a blessing or a curse in short

never in a place cool and pleasant

well, that is her  fortune in a sense.



Dual sims in mobiles they say

an easy catch in a way

similar be  not the dual   stay

neither here nor there in a way.


It was once exciting and  interesting

now has turned sour and disgusting

the bags are on the shoulders always

know not how to throw them out in  a way.


The earth’s rotation on its own axis

takes about twenty four hours in practice

it goes on without a sulk  or a discontent

an endurance with an enormous content.


Learn to be like the earth  in activities

not being distracted by its own gravity

such a way do your duty as you ought to

never lose track of your denominations  unto.home away from home







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