A Loud Mouthed Prophecy.

A prophecy could it be

being one in a verse  in the vernacular

be born as a washerwoman

if not you wash the clothes.


Baffled to hear this

she was amused for a while

got to know the meaning

being it a curse.


This not be the  one and only

many such verses followed

could be of a taste bad

made the receiver sad.


A comment on a fruit juice

jolted her to the core

that beggars do not drink

yet they are sleek and smooth.


What a correlation it was

she stood bewildered

the glass of fruit juice

stared at her harsh.


Many did come from the loud mouthed

laden with anger and envy

curse she did  her own son’s family

for reasons one knows not.


The one who was at the receiving end

was heart broken at the initial

became stoic  in the course

turned a deaf ear to such foul words.


How long could one brook such audacity ?

could be for a day, a,month or a year

if it continues for years as seen in the case

one has to overthrow and walk over.


An inconsiderate and callous  talk it was

carried throughout the years

finally an aversion and a detest  blossomed

led to a hatred that could never be erased.













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