Accepting Responsibility.

Citing many reasons for his failure
he came out with a flimsy reason
ascribing to his unsuccessful bids.
That may be true to the very word
but sounded totally foolish
Hresponsibilityad he been little more focused
he would have won it with great merit.
Simply saying that it has escaped his attention
does not hold water as the loss is enormous.
He always throws the towels in despondency
never subscribing to the defect openly.
Telling this and that for the fall off
has been his way of life in the course of years.
Never wanted to learn a lesson from mistakes
but always wishes to get the best of other’s efforts.
The character of him has been of great distress
as he is known for his slips and faults.

Actions Age Enrichment Experience fall feelings greed hierarchy

The Hierarchy

It is  all knowing breed.

It is all accepting creed.

It is  all directing lead.

It is all-purpose feed.

It is  all amassing greed.

It is the all growing need

It is  all  germinating seed.

It is  all flourishing  deed.

It is  all nourishing weed.


 If all these supersede.

If all  these exceed.

If all these accede.

If all these proceed.

If all these succeed.

There would be a stampede.

There would be a great impede.

Promulgating a fall in speed.