The Fault.

The fault is in me
had been quiet all time
respond I did not
reply I did not
Silence was my way
smile did I
ignore did I
finally laughed did I
at the ignorance
which was ignominious
at the behaviour
greatly contemptuous .
Is it a fault to be so?
You have to tell me in slow.fault


Within And Without.—Haiku.

All from within
gave way to a without
in spell out.

All from without
found its way to within
in break out.

Within and without
came in and went out
in a bout.stock-photo-isolated-child-with-an-emotional-outburst-46257649bottled inside

Anger Experience melancholy Study subscriptions thoughts turmoil Wish

Melancholic Strain.

The evening was sultry and hot.

There was no breeze to cool out.

It was unpleasant  all through.

While sitting  heaving and puffing in the patio

Got calls from friends in a row.

Each one expressing a strain sad

Emphasizing the unkindness meted out.

The senior one wished to die

holding strongly destiny in her hands.

The other one cursed his siblings to a tragic death.

adorning  himself in  a prophetical garb.

The last one  was in bad health.

Depression had taken its toll.

He had shed his  snobbish pride,

Lo!looked demure and desolate,

 The poor weakling wished  nothing, cursed none,

He only longed  for peace to return.

These added up to the heat around.

Making one to think and think aloud.

Finally found out  that

Happiness is within ourselves

Not anywhere else.