The Tell Tale Of A Flower,

Great be the tell tale of a flower

the flower I saw yesterday

so beautiful and  lay in a tower

held its head in pride all the day.


Great be the tell tale of a flower

the flower I see today

so withered and needs a shower

falls down dry and dead during the day.


Great be the tell tale of a flower

the same flower on both the days

depict the different phases in a hover

the grace and the sag seen in the days.


Great be the tell tale of a flower

the flower seems to tell us

the triumph and defeat of power

in terms simple almost in a buzz.


That Is Never Told.

Now let this be with you

something that I want to tell ou

no others need know

as it is something  between you and me.


Oh! do not get awed by my secret

as it is something very confidential

let it be within you

no need to divulge it to anyone.



Oh! my friend be very taciturn

never let this out at any cost

as it is between you and me

if told it loses its credibility.


That being what makes a secret

that which holds you in quest

my friend  be very quiet

that be the best reward on the go.


My friend,  keep it within yourself

as you walk people would ask

never open your mouth about this

as it would force you to let this out.


By the way , my friend

I forgot what images (82)I wanted to tell you

I would come back once I get it

till then be sober and sullen.



Features And Statures.

Lively eyes they say

inspiring they  appear

broad forehead in a way

causing an  outlook clear

sharp nose all the more

exhibiting a keenness near

pinkish lips  in the  manner

indicating a glamour  neversharp nose.

pearl like teeth  in a series

expressing a uniformity revere

conch shaped  neck  in a glow

illustrating a clarity not severe

going on by the features

concluding on the statures

forthcoming with the nature

that go to make a human

great and  creative.










Eyes Tell Us.

Looking into one’s eyes
with a straight gaze
gets into the lies
if there is any base
telling more of the ties
with a firm trace
evolving into a try
knowing more in a quick
entering into a buy
finally seeing through the trick
thus concluding it is a blatant lie.