The Tell Tale Of A Flower,

Great be the tell tale of a flower

the flower I saw yesterday

so beautiful and  lay in a tower

held its head in pride all the day.


Great be the tell tale of a flower

the flower I see today

so withered and needs a shower

falls down dry and dead during the day.


Great be the tell tale of a flower

the same flower on both the days

depict the different phases in a hover

the grace and the sag seen in the days.


Great be the tell tale of a flower

the flower seems to tell us

the triumph and defeat of power

in terms simple almost in a buzz.


Thinking Long.

Thinking about a thing

 all the time without break 

 leads to an obsession

signalling a negativism

inducing an apprehension

that might bring in an uneasiness

causing a flutter all the way

unable to take a decision

that would stifle progress

.Leaving it like that for sometime

would bring in a  conclusion

and with that we  go high

reaping benefits all the more.

Allowing it to too much discussion

would defeat   the purpose

thwarting the project. download (47)





The Little Insect

The mosquito bites always

stings and sucks the blood

causing a havoc and a mess

found in the tropics and equatorial regions

around the slushy swamps and stagnant water mass

among the dense forests  and fields

they swarm and breed not in hundreds

but in millions  and trillions

stinging the  old and young

a tiny creature and  an insect

casting venom on the population

so huge, massive  and uncountable

who could do nothing to eradicate

while the scientists  claim  with pride

that they  have sent missiles to Moon and Mars

spending hours and days non stop

years and decades  not sleeping

working on that is beyond grasp

yet they catch it and capture it

while they stand desperate

before the tiny little insect

helpless download (32) in a limbo.



Win Or Defeat.

Win or defeat
does not matter
as it is not
going to pamper
any one’s dreams
to a shatter

Win is a flatter
making one believe
he is greater
than all in everything
in wealth and powerful nature.

Defeat is a stature
pushing one down
into a departure
away from life
to a discomfiture

By a win
you shine gloriously
By a defeat
you forfeit demurely
making a difference. equanmity