The Little Insect

The mosquito bites always

stings and sucks the blood

causing a havoc and a mess

found in the tropics and equatorial regions

around the slushy swamps and stagnant water mass

among the dense forests  and fields

they swarm and breed not in hundreds

but in millions  and trillions

stinging the  old and young

a tiny creature and  an insect

casting venom on the population

so huge, massive  and uncountable

who could do nothing to eradicate

while the scientists  claim  with pride

that they  have sent missiles to Moon and Mars

spending hours and days non stop

years and decades  not sleeping

working on that is beyond grasp

yet they catch it and capture it

while they stand desperate

before the tiny little insect

helpless download (32) in a limbo.


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The World Shuts Down

It is only two days more.

The world would be no more.

So goes the talk all the more.

Sending signals of warning more and more.

Creating a terrible fear to the core.


Nothing is to be expected for sure.

Nothing would happen for sure.

So say all with a belief sure.

Dispelling the gravity with an is going to end

Assuaging the feelings with a grace ever.


Which almanac says so?

It is the Mayan calendar that tells so.

Would that be so?

Ask everyone with a sigh in a flow.

It is a definite no say the scientists with a glow.