heaarts Poetry win

Smile And Win

It is a shine all around
could it be an illumination?
nay, it is a smile all around
makes a shine like an illumination.

Smile with a kindness together
renders a brilliance in a move
yes, a smile is benign altogether
creates an ebullience in the move.

Smile lights up the face bright
the eyes seem to sparkle
nay, it is a turn all the way right
apparently like the stars in a sparkle.

It takes you all the way easy
with a smile you could win the hearts
yes, it is a ride not breezy
a beautifulsmile and win ploy to get into the hearts.


Thumbs Up.

Thumbs went up
a lovely challenge one up
significance show up.thumbs


Win Or Fall

Win or fall
be it in fields all
has a or fall


He Would Win Over.

The pressure is rising
It is stifling.
Going a little forward
sends in a big push backward.
back to the old status.
With fingers crossed
with a sullenness embossed
he sits dazed in a corner
knowing not
how to win over?

He would win over.
His friend assures him over and over.
But he has lost hope entire.
Having been true and sincere
he receives no reward ever
Having been diligent and hard-working
leaves him with nothing.
He sits dazed in a corner
knowing not
how to win over?

He would win over
It looks he would not win over.
The righteous get setbacks initially.
They are in tight spots temporarily.
They are not in the majority.
So their fight appears a waste outwardly.
As all know truth is triumphant finally
He would win and regain confidence
as he stands for truth with evidence
He would certainly emerge victorious.images (83)


Win Or Defeat.

Win or defeat
does not matter
as it is not
going to pamper
any one’s dreams
to a shatter

Win is a flatter
making one believe
he is greater
than all in everything
in wealth and powerful nature.

Defeat is a stature
pushing one down
into a departure
away from life
to a discomfiture

By a win
you shine gloriously
By a defeat
you forfeit demurely
making a difference. equanmity