The Tell Tale Of A Flower,

Great be the tell tale of a flower

the flower I saw yesterday

so beautiful and  lay in a tower

held its head in pride all the day.


Great be the tell tale of a flower

the flower I see today

so withered and needs a shower

falls down dry and dead during the day.


Great be the tell tale of a flower

the same flower on both the days

depict the different phases in a hover

the grace and the sag seen in the days.


Great be the tell tale of a flower

the flower seems to tell us

the triumph and defeat of power

in terms simple almost in a buzz.

amass betray curiosity deceit duo plunder Poetry

Tale Like A Tail

tale like a tailThe tale goes like a tail

long in an elongation

a plausible  story all possible

the deceit of a duo in a forfeit

they join hands in a conjoining

betray the third one in the fray

they have succeeded in a succession

amassed enough in en masse

continue to do so in  the  continuous  moves

hope to elope with the plunder

would they ?  a curiosity out of  the woods

have to wait to find how they behave


The Hands Tell A Tale

I cradled you
in my hands full
put you to sleep.

You crossed the road
under my eyes
secure and fast.

You learnt to write
letters in small and big
getting the cue from me.

You grew up
perfect and smart
wanting to reach great heights.

The tale of the hands
told by a mother
past, present and future.

mother and son


The Girl Hiding Behind The Mother

Hiding behind her mother

 the little girl  peeped out

 while coming out now and then

winked at me for sure.


Her mother was talking to me serious

 I could not cope with her Shy Girl Hiding Behind Mother's Dresssobriety

my eyes were on the little one

longing to have a glimpse now and then.


As she winked in the intervals

I winked back wiith a grin

she giggled and hid behind

the scene went on for long.


The mother not knowing what was happening

went along with her narration

hoping that i would listen

did not stop in between.


With my attention on the girl

heard nothing of her mother’s tale

when the mother completed her story

I was nowhere in the midst.


The mother asked me few questions

trusting I would give an answer

I, knowing not what was told

blinked and mumbled something.


The mother got offended

walked away dragging the little one

the girl turned and gave another wink

winking back I sat satisfied.



Hands Tell A Tale..

In my hands  my little son  found solace

rocking and singing he became calm

that be the beginning of my hands association .


Holding my hands my son got across

with a feeling secure he went about

that be the preliminary take of my hands.


Holding his hands I taught him to write

write did he with figures small and big

that was the secondary level  of the hands of mine.



The hands that moulded him to the perfection

the way he grew up under its protection

that be the third degree connection of my hands.


The time has come for him to move

taking the hands of mine he goes forward

a final  position of my hands with him.


Seeing my hands now I find

they be worn out with wrinkles around

shaky they are fit to end up the  strive.


Well, they were the same hands long back

robust and strong full of life

soft and tender  as a petal.


The hands have told you a story

that of being the tale of every mother

those born before, living now  and going to be images (74) born .









A Curse From A Saddened Heart.

Referring none in life
though he may sound real
but having heard in tales
experienced it in the years
says my friend Shree in a tone sad.
She begins her narration thus
A man I know most and very well
and you might be aware of
in most or least extent
I really do not know
was a cause of great turmoil
a reason for depression
as both mind and body suffered
He,an illiterate to the core
wielding his power denoted to him
by a will of the deceased
made one cry in silence and endure
cry not he alone but his family along with him
being denied of his rightful share
not for months but for years together
The man with power filed cases in courts
paid solicitors heavily
bribed officials greatly
all from the common account
planning never to release the share
finally justice taught him
the moral and the lesson
enforcing a release by court order
But did he turn a new leaf?
Never would he as he is evil
not an embodiment or a personification
but evil, altogether an evil
still goes more and more into destruction
surely he would die not a natural death
nor his family would remain tact
He would find his end soon
with none to continue his lineage.
The story loaded with pathos and anger
came to a download (24)close with a note of danger.