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The Mother In You —-Parenting –4

The mother in you, I note
keeps a distance from the float
slowly moves away with a quote
“Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

The mother in you, I presume
watches the son through his resume
likes not to enter his room
as it is time for him to bloom.

The mother in you, I think
wishes to free from the ties in a wink
makes the dominance so far present to shrink
fades into the oblivion without a blink.

The mother in you attempts to teach
the ways you adopted are not a mere preach
they should be followed as examples by each
adulthood would certainly have a great reach.


The Rose Again

It is a rose again

 that promotes a gain

 it is not a feign

 but seen very plain

a beauty in form 

above all norms 

 no measurements in straight 

 random and bright 

colourful it is through

a lovely rose in hue 

 petals soft as  drops of dew 

 around the birds flyrose

the butterfly zooms 

 the rose  gives a room

with a lively bloom

dispels their gloom

that be the rose again

 promotes a vast gain.







Through The Lens

The flower blooms
with a lovely fresh loom
seen through zoom.lens


Talking And Talking

Talking about a Great Man
years after his death
vouchsafed well for the man
remember his glorious life
is not full of roses blooming
as thorns many are found in a plant
that gives out flowers in abundance
Well talking long and short
alone will not go great in terms
as it was not his way of living
he demanding a performance best
and creditable befitting his credentials.
None think about it in real significance
but go on making merry by talking
conducting meets and get together
bringing out nothing in the end
just a meet and a forget
along comes in quick succession
the next meet and go ahead.Great man


The Blooms.

The flower is in full bloom
dispelling all gloom
giving way to a room
where nothing looms
everything zooms
intoflower blooms a delightful boom

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A Red Flower Over There.

It was a beautiful red flower in full bloom.

It was  a pleasing red .

It was a lovely red.

It was a cheerful red.

It was not angry red.

It was not fiercely red.

It was not  dangerously red.

It beckoned with a grace.

It reckoned with a poise.

It depicted a welcome choice.

It portrayed  a smiling face.

The red flower’s charm lasted a day.

The red colour faded the next day.

The next morn it drooped down dead on the ground grey.


A Bud Flowers And Dies

I saw a small bud in the morning,

it was fresh and feeble,

it was so beautiful.


I walked out in the late morning,

It was still the same,

It was dainty and frail.


I peeped out in the afternoon,

It looked more or less the same,

Though slightly bigger than in the morn.


I made it again in the late afternoon,

It was there remarkable as ever,

It danced charming in the breeze.


I advanced towards it in the evening,

It had opened up elaborately,

Spreading its fragrance all over.


I rushed towards it the next morning,

Its petals looked withered,

It was drooping  in a fold.


I retreated with a heavy heart,

Capitulating the growth in a day,

Finally reconciling to death also in a day.

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A Child Is A Child.

I observe in silence,

I hear in magnitude,

I see in-depth,

That is what I can do.

A child begins her day,

Setting aside everything gay,

Pushing back all her play,

Switching on to the rigorous fray.


She gets ready in a hurry,

Breaks her fast in a flurry,

Casting her likes in a bury,

She walks up in a slurry.


Still sleep lingers in her eyes,

As she opens her reader to a size,

Pouring over the book in a guise,

She follows the teacher with a despise.


From school she comes home,

Falls asleep in her cosy bedroom,

The little girl finds no time to bloom,

Eventually she has to face the doom.