matter. Poetry song thorn

LIfe IS Full.

Life seems to be full

roses and dahlias in all

beautiful so far and long

thorns  exist no wrong.

Life seems to be full

apples and oranges in all

sweet  so far and long

bitterness found no wrong.

Life seems to be full

incidents  and happenings in all

genuine so far and long

deceit  is seen through nothing wrong.

That be life in full

sweet and sour in all

sincere and insincere  so far and long

elusive perhaps nothing wrong.

Life mixes and churns

go on and off without a burn

should we not turn?

nay, let us learn.

Life teaches in a song

the good and bad for long

pay attention with a hope

endurance is  the scope.bed of roses


The Walk They Took

Lovers walked down the slope
hand in hand they had a hope
living together forever in harmony
getting a smooth go as in a symphony.

They want past a bed of roses
The fragrance went into the noses.
They stood there watching its poses.
where they came out with their choses.

Their eyes were full of happiness
Seeing the rose in its chasteness
prompted them to live with closeness
never to get trapped by insidiousness.

They then negotiated a very sharp bend
holding to each other in a supportive lend
they made it through without any faulty trend.
On a cordial notelovers their sojourn came to an end.


Talking And Talking

Talking about a Great Man
years after his death
vouchsafed well for the man
remember his glorious life
is not full of roses blooming
as thorns many are found in a plant
that gives out flowers in abundance
Well talking long and short
alone will not go great in terms
as it was not his way of living
he demanding a performance best
and creditable befitting his credentials.
None think about it in real significance
but go on making merry by talking
conducting meets and get together
bringing out nothing in the end
just a meet and a forget
along comes in quick succession
the next meet and go ahead.Great man


The Flowers Report

Vvioletsiolets are blue
growing in a crew
attracting few
dancing in hue
calling all new
with a design true.

Roses are red,
both in head
and in stead
with fragrance spread
all over in tread
material for thread.

Marigold is yellow
coming from a hollow
soliciting the fellow
to a grand follow
seem to bellow
really they provide a mellow.