matter. Poetry song thorn

LIfe IS Full.

Life seems to be full

roses and dahlias in all

beautiful so far and long

thorns  exist no wrong.

Life seems to be full

apples and oranges in all

sweet  so far and long

bitterness found no wrong.

Life seems to be full

incidents  and happenings in all

genuine so far and long

deceit  is seen through nothing wrong.

That be life in full

sweet and sour in all

sincere and insincere  so far and long

elusive perhaps nothing wrong.

Life mixes and churns

go on and off without a burn

should we not turn?

nay, let us learn.

Life teaches in a song

the good and bad for long

pay attention with a hope

endurance is  the scope.bed of roses

anthem lullaby Poetry song

Impressive In A Stay

It is heaven they say

seeing things beautiful in a way

could it be a play

could it be also a rejoice in a gay

pretty and dainty all the day

impressive in the stay

desirous to keep them in a fray

the exaltation turns into a prayer

the anthem converts into a song

deep down the heart it flows

lively in a subdued  force

a gentle lullaby it sounds

a gradual strength within theHeaven bounds.

landscape Poetry song

My Dream.

It is a dream of long

now comes in a song

the usual blue sky

the fresh waters in a way

with the landscape hilly and terrain

along with stretches of plainsmy dream

took me for a while

then I changed my style

the art and artefacts

the architecture and replicates

wone me over all the more

made me cross the shore

a little after in a strange

I went out of range

the writings and the prompts

forced me to attempt

I indulged in writing prose for a time

as always something in me chimed

poesy held me in a sway

for the present I am at the poetic bay

dreaming to become a poet

not an ordinary one in quiet

but one who commands and demands

who is appreciated with a “wow ” and a stand

well, that is my dream as of now

would I fulfill it I am yet to know.

Poetry qualify song

The Less Qualified

Nevertheless they say.
None the less it goes
More or less it matters
Little less they play.

The less is found in all
Hopeless they fall
Useless they call
Ruthless they behave.

The less you are the great you feel
The less you talk the more you achieve.
The less you weigh the most agile you feel.
The less anger doubles your joy.

That be a song on less.
Please do not value it less.
I thought in a way of less.
I wrote in a way different about less
less talk

Poetry song

A Bouquet Song

Roses hold an enticing sight

no matter where they  lie

be it on the plants around

be it  strewn on the ground

they captivate  the eyes

no matter what be their size

the smallest winks at you

while the biggest greets you

the blush seen in the red one

overwhelms us with a fun

the rosy rose smiles coyly

stretches our imagination extensively

there is  abundant peace in the yellow rose

it is  a transcendental  feel in pose

that be of all the roses in a song

could also be a bouquet in form.