The Girl Wants To Go Home.

The girl wants to go home

she  has been in a roam

for a time in the storm

has lost her way back home.


She is stranded for a while

calls “mama, mama” all the while

could not find anyone  in the  side

cries with fear none being beside.


The passers  by look at her with pity

none did wish to take her to the city

which she called to be  her  own

cried with fear in a pathetic tone.


One kind person came to her

held her hand with love for sure

wiped her tears  with care

took her in her arms  an act rare.


The people around looked on

the samaritan  played no fun

walked with the child  not in haste

she being a soul all the more chaste.


The girl immediately took to her

smiling she went with her

at least one among the crowd

released the girl from her shroud.


Being, as it is, a very easy effort

none did offer to help but deferred

know not why people behave so?

could quote many such incidents in row.




















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