The Song I Hear.

27335087-a-bare-tree-amidst-greeneryThe day is beautiful

intermittent showers

the demure sunlight

a cool breeze enthrall

all set to entice

I hear a music

comes not from anywhere

but from myself

a song of my life

hums in my ears

the notes go up and down

expressing the joy with a gusto

intimating the sadness with a feel

synchronising the glory in cheer

reflecting on the losses in grim

the high intonations with melody

merge with the low notations  softly

the song goes on for hours

my eyes become moist

wiping them gently

I stare in front of me

 the greenery bewitches 

the bare trees  devastate.


A Feel.

It is a feel
a feel of horror
full of terror
crossing the border.

It is a feel
a feel of fear
from the rear
getting over the shoulder.

it is a feel
a feel of sadness
ending up with a reservedness
inducing a withdrawal

it is a feel
a feel of happiness
extending to oneness
invigorating a togetherness happiness

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The Address.

addressformWherein does happiness originate?
Wherein does fear subscribe?
Wherein does exhaustion set in?
wherein does strain comes from?
wherein does sadness overwhelm?
wherein does success take wings?
Wherein does failure droops down?
Wherein does power overtakes?
Wherein does authority over acts?
Wherein does jealousy slashes across?
Wherein does greed dashes over?
Wherein is not a mystery
nor a rigorous chase.
All are found in the inside,in the inmost.
They throb from the inner self.
They haunt from the interior.
They resurrects from within.

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Mind You

 Mind you it  is another day,

Not different from any day,

 Mind you it is a usual  wake up,

Not very different from  other get ups.


 Mind you it is going about the normal way,

Buying grocery at the sub way,

Holding a while in the mad  traffic,

Exhausting the energy quick.


Mind you it is another page of your life,

Quickly turned  reflecting the hurried strife,

It is a fresh leaf out in the lease,

Cautiously straightened for a release.


 Mind you age rolls out in brisk speed,

Withering the face to  a wrinkled seed,

Customs break the beauty  to an  antique calm,

Sagging muscles detonate the  exuding charm.


Mind you  life flows on like a river,

Years move on in a quiver,

Bringing cheer and sadness together,

Well, that is how another day gathers.







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Solemn Sadness

A cry of a babe  yonder sets  a tentative  palpitation,

Is it due to pain or colic? worries the  caring mind .

The shrill wail far away  incites an agitation

Is it hungry or lonely ? queries the  loving kind, 

Soon the poignancy tempers to a silence.

Th cackle and battle  in the streets  calls for attention,

May be the shouts are the outcome of water shortage?  retorts the heart,

The loudness soars to high decibel round the street corner , a unpleasant distraction,

Fighting for a  pot of water in long queues in the scorching heat,

In no time the gravity diffuses to a quietness.

The stampede and rush  in the cities   decry a chaotic confusion,

Is it  a result of an unwieldy flow  from the villages ? asks  the instinct,

The congestion  creates a suffocating environment , a terrible   desolation,

Scrambling  for  little space  in the overcrowded  stifling  areas totally indistinct,

In a wink of a moment the sweat disappears into a sullenness.

The feverish and   deliberate anguish to join the universities,

Is it because of the four digit salary and perks ? inquires the belief,

The aspiration destroys the mindset of the wards , apprehensive  diversities,

Competing to get entry to the coveted soft ware courses , a ridiculous relief,

Like dew drops the tough wrangles descend into sobriety.

The charm of life  dissipates  in the milieu of undue hurry,

Is it a  reflection of the worldly pleasures? resumes the dialogue,

The crushing appointments and dubious pretensions,a pernicious bury,

Slashing the essence of existence to a mere unrelated analogue,

As a magic , ” joie de vivre”  devolves into a solemnity.


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Tinge And A Twinge

There was a note of melancholy all around,

There was a sort of depression in and out,

With heavily laden eyes,

Brimming with tears,

Faces looking sullen,

The whole environ was heavily charged.


The tinge of sadness got expressed,

In the colour of the dress,

Which was black

A colour of mourning,

A symbol  of grief,

Expressing torment,

The gathering reflected a desolation.


The twinge of pain was unbearable,

The thought of distress was deplorable,

With heart-rending scenes,

A bash on the head,

A beat on the chest,

Eyes  flutter  in sorrow,

The scenario was upbeat with sordid temper.


The tinge of unbearable  twinge,

Gave way to an oppressing tenor,

Insinuating a swanky mood,

Of loathsome exhaustion,

Of irking withdrawal,

Inducting a moment of strain and drain.