Poetry thoughts

As He Looks High.

Gone are the days

says he with a sigh

know not what he means

as he looks high.


Those days were golden

says he with a sigh

wonder what he means

as he looks high.


The good old days

says he with a sigh

stay close to him to find

as he looks high.


They are bygone

says he with tears

hold his hand to  comfort

as he looks high .


She is no more

cries he inconsolably

stroke his head with love

as he looks high.


I wish to join her

sobs he uncontrollably

I break down and weep

as he looks high.



The Helpless Woman

The woman bemoans and cries
unable to keep quiet
breaks down in a sigh hlpless woman.
takes not a bite
rants in rancour
swears in anger
mind she not
who it be in slot
be her son or husband
she fumes and disbands
lets out her emotions
not in small portions
pours out in full force
if that be her chose
the life would not be smooth
to tell the truth.


Early In The Morning

Being early in the morning

got up with a yawning

listening to the birds cackling

hearing the hooting

quickly rising

rushed to the opening

as someone stood calling

very early in the morning.



Who is it ? said I

paying a significant  apply

steadying myself in a shy yawning

looking through the door’s eyes

saw a big fat guy

appearing tall and high

breathing heavily with a sigh

as if he is going to die.


Ode To Inflation

The prices are  going steep

rising with a loud  beep.

Knowing not how to sleep

Knowing not where to keep

We go into debt deep.



Basic necessities are to be bought.

Nothing could be avoided in thought.

Without them  we cannot live in a sortimages (9)

have to buy them however hot

otherwise we have to rot.


With the cost of living going high

as we have to survive

we  are forced to buy

go through with a sigh

wand sign off with a nigh.







Actions Experience fatigue feelings Interpretation learning pressure Study subscriptions thoughts True turmoil Wisdom

Pressure Compels.

A pressure exists day in and day out.

Reflecting a seizure all the way out

Resembling  a torture  all about.

Indicting  a strain  on the whole.

Negotiating with pressure is exasperating.

Working under pressure is  devastating.

Coping with it is a masterly scheduling. 

Winning over is a prudent  dealing.

Pressure keeps mounting all through.

Dashing the hopes of victory  in a ruse.

Driving to a madness in a strain true.

Subscribing to a trial right  over.

Never entertain pressure is the common cry.

Learn  to live in ease is a voted try.

Accept the eventuality with a gentle  sigh.

Well this  design is a significant  buy.