Promises Blown

Like it or not
the eventuality is crossing
that of a strong lobbying
and a sort of bullying
a process of distorting
truth and relying on lies
has become the fashion of the day
going in for a strike
and getting in for a blow
both might happen
as we do not know
which side is strong
and which is not
as the power lies
with powerful and
also with the wealthy.
The discrimination
of who is good
and trustworthy
and who is bad
and treacherous
lies in the hands of the
commoners who
pose a strength but
who get stuck in the middle
enticed by the gifts
that are distributed
and promises thrown through
but blows out in the air


Actions Experience fatigue feelings Interpretation learning pressure Study subscriptions thoughts True turmoil Wisdom

Pressure Compels.

A pressure exists day in and day out.

Reflecting a seizure all the way out

Resembling  a torture  all about.

Indicting  a strain  on the whole.

Negotiating with pressure is exasperating.

Working under pressure is  devastating.

Coping with it is a masterly scheduling. 

Winning over is a prudent  dealing.

Pressure keeps mounting all through.

Dashing the hopes of victory  in a ruse.

Driving to a madness in a strain true.

Subscribing to a trial right  over.

Never entertain pressure is the common cry.

Learn  to live in ease is a voted try.

Accept the eventuality with a gentle  sigh.

Well this  design is a significant  buy.