A Blissful Soul

Been always in a house

where there is  a garden

fruit trees being too many

guavas, mangoes and sapottas

all seen over and above

luscious they are in full

organic they be  in all

as I never use any chemicals

both as manure and pesticides

grown naturally without any artifice

they serve the squirrels first

then eaten up by my cook and chauffeur

in the company of my gardener and maid

the rest comes to my table  once in a way

I eat them with a love and happiness

being grown in my own soil  with  great care

of course it is my gardener who nurtures

let him  have the fair share being  first in line

gives  he to his colleagues

a gesture to be appreciated

alas! before he could lay hands on them

the squirrels take the plum

choose the best of the lot

enjoy and be contented with the excess

I find myself the last in the rung

have to accept it without much ado

as I know sharing is a blessing

I am blessed by growing and extending to others

a blissful soul I could turn to be in  all time.


The Heaven

It is going to be heaven
said all the seven
calling it in a note even.
Well, that being  clearly seen
they were all in the teens
enjoying thoroughly in keen .
The mirth crossed all stream
with the lot eating the cream
while talking about their dream.
The evening went on happily
with the friends  talking gleefully
about their experience  in a tone lively .
They had to disperse soon
as there could be seen the moon
promising to meet each other at noon.
The seven had a memorable time
as they are download (34)meeting after a long time
talking with no thought of time.
The meeting of friends  has become the trend
which is made possible with a send
while mails go through without a bend
taking all to the blissful heaven