A Picture Of Winter

The chill air around

sends a quiver very profound

blows without a sound

creeps into the bones with a bound

the rattle and prattle are found

as the bones stutter in an abound

while the teeth chatter in a pound

the cold breeze crosses in an outbound

leaving me withterrific wound a terrific wound.



The Fall Physical And Mental

It being an abject fall
with all bones crumbled
being  unable to  crawl
he groaned and fumbled
crying with pain  and yelping
he lay on the ground
with none to render a helping
his fear was real and bound
as time was passing in a way
between life and death
his existence was exposed to a play
releasing a sense  of dearth
so be all in reality
being similar in experience too
with the failure exactly
there would be not even two
offering comfort and  aid
when the downfall becomes prominent
as there would rise a despondency imminent



What Are We made Off?

Neither do I nor do you know

what we are made of.

Saying we are of blood and flesh

bones and nerves  in abundance

skin and hair most visible

give us a picture of  outside perception

The inward eye and heart

the feeling  and expression

the sentiment and experience

go to work on the blood

giving it a tension and hypertension

call upon the flesh mostly

allowing it to sag and grow baggy

try to make the bones brittle and worn out

while the nerves get a break down

while the skin wrinkles and loses shine

and the hair Flesh...Blood.full.422688recede and falls

leaving one aged and bald,

Can anyone tell me what we are made off?

authentically and in a promise.






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A Stony Talk.

bones and nervesstones and bricksThe stones and bricks are not lifeless as they seem.
They know much more than we comprehend in a seam.
They have witnessed many a quarrel and in fight of the team.
They have enjoyed the happiness and pleasure in a gleam.

The thought brings to mind the functions of bones and nerves.
The bones give shape to the Man’s curves
The nerves sustain his laborious serves.
Both give him facilities more than he deserves.

The stones brave the wind and weather.
They withstand with a spirit dying never.
The bricks deliver a sustenance forever.
Both together propose a structural grandeur.

The loud laughter penetrates through the stones.
The tearful cries strike the bricks in a repeated hone.
Mirth knocks the doors not alone.
Sorrow crosses the porch in a subdued tone.

The stones chuckle sonorously when they are disturbed terribly.
The bricks rattle fiercely when the wind blows rudely
They cause a furore in the dim night endlessly.
They shudder mildly in the starless darkness dolefully.

Never shun the stones of a house as lifeless.
Never condemn bricks of a house as useless.
They have recorded messages countless.
They have staged dramatic episodes nevertheless

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Through the Window

I sat near a window,

Looked down below,

I saw heads many,

Some with  hair black,

Others shining bald.


I peeped out of the window,

Looked down below,

I saw figures in  clones

Some  a bag of bones,

Others a  mountain of  fleshy  tones.


I stared  through  the window,

Looked down below,

I saw movements apart

Some  making a  hurried depart,

Others entering  from various parts.


I  gazed  through  the window,

Looking down below,

I saw  interactions varied,

Some gesturing torrid,

Others gesticulating  horrid.


I bent  towards the window,

Looking down below,

I saw the world in a shadow ,

Enacting a beautiful tableau,

Proposing a calibre   pseudo.