The Mother And The Girl

A little girl cries over there

wanting not to eat   more

with the mother showering  utmost care

the girl  cries hard all the more.


The girl as I know

never makes fuss all the way

a child of great attitude is how

I describe her through the day.


The mother shoves the food

a whole mouthful

while the girl gobbles for good

later spitting the full.


Seeing  the mother gets on her

pulling her  soft hair

shouts  angrily at her

which looks not fair.


I intend to go in between

the girl being my granddaughter

but 664-02225982 restrain myself with a keen

as it would give rise to indignation after.


Not able to commit myself

I move away in disgust

feeling sorry for the little self

unwilling to get into the bust.




With The Stars

It is night already

going pitch dark all over

gazing at the skies

I wonder with a thought

the stars flicker with  light

laughing  with a grin

making the dark wonderful

there be  little sparkles

that go with the twinkle

yellow light spreading  all over

illuminating the dreary

what a contrast they offer

I sit in wonder

wonder be the word

tha comes again and again

for I find no wonders

that would fit appropriately

that illustrate the dark night

with a sparkling light

Well, with another wonder

I propose to ask you

my little stars yonder

how long had you been there

not getting worn out

never getting tired

not at all in an exertion

well, that makes me ponder

comparing myself with you

getting all the more exhausted

becoming an old woman

having lived well over five decades

wishing to submerge with you

would you take me there?

liveimages (47) with you up over

exalted in a sublime status

exhibiting brilliance and shine

Could I be as ebullient as you over there ?

Oh! stars let me know

so that I could pack my bags

and rise up to you.

Ugh! the word wonder strikes again

Will I ? would I?




Hate And Grasp

Hate she says
Grasp not entirely he feels
where do the hate and grasp come ?
it being a simple thing as such
talking about the images (46)pent-up anger
that rises up and flies on all sides
making him stagger and looking daggers
his anger gets clustered on the nose’s edge
revealing a ghastly sight and demeanour
this brings in a hatred in her
not full understanding for him
after expressing it so bitterly
they come with apologies
falling from the mouth
and putting forth a big sorry
which brings in a lowly
demeaning attitude
when there being words
soft and sullen really
the way they gave out
created a displeasure
that of great despair.  


Anger On Nose Tip.

The anger sits on the nose
rather on the tip of the nose
with the cartilage bloating
and the bridge rising
the nose twitches for no reason
as if it has smelt a treason
the mouth then enters the game
spitting out words lame
cursing images (45) and stinging all through
like to get away from such men
teaching them a lesson then
should be undertaken without fear
as otherwise they would go in a square.


The Structure Of Language.

Articles and prepositions

pronouns and conjunctions

commas and semicolons

hyphens  and full stops all the functions

with the adjectives qualifying the nouns

adverbs modifying the verbs

one giving the quality of the person or being

as the other enunciates the verb with a sting

the verb becoming the nerve center

while the  noun stands out  as a mentor

so goes the writing and language

all smoothly through the ages

without a hurdle and a  fall out

holding the language high

making it shine and fly.language structure