The Scenario Pristine

Out in the field  there I see greenery
it captivates me being a lively scenery
the paddy has grown so well and looks pretty
with yellow grains dangling from the land’s kitty
there they seem to hold every perceiver straight
making his face light up  looking at the awesome freight
being the heavy grains glittering over the stalk and above
there be a charm most graceful and condescending with the bow
as the grains heavy pull the stalk down indicating that it is done
bidding the farmer to harvest the strains otherwise they would be gone
carried away by wind and eaten up rodents and birds instead
proposing a waste over the toil and sweat the farmer has shed
compelling him to go about his work with concentration quick
as he would be rewardeddownload (39) with a bounty that being the trick.


Playing Fool

Climbing uphill is a task

Going downhill is a bask

Getting upward in life is hard

going downward is a dodge

that be the  universal  rule

we play about like a fool

spoiling what we achieve

squandering that climbing uphill we strive

demoting the priorities

destroying the intricacies

that becomes a strike

dashing  as a swipe

indicating a fall

but left without a call.