There I See A Write

The prolific writing

evolves out of a thinking mind

that is ever on the move

thinking not less

thinking not  shallow

thinking fathomless

with a clear mind

none the less

the writing talks about

great and small

with an intensity

direct and focused

that renders a write-up

lovely and exalted

standing out of the rest

jumping out of the box

sitting pretty on the inside

there being a fantasy

that ranges far and near

overwhelming the borders

overshadowing the fringes

with an adornment

delicate and exclusive

not seen with a flash

but through the glass

with an imagery soft and colourful

pen writingcheering up the spirit

enlightening the mind

there I see a writing of class

both qualitative and quantitative








The Foregone Conclusion.

It is a forgone conclusion

that being not an inclusion

but a process on to the assumption

that would end the discussion

as there is no need for any deliberation

cause  having  taken the decision

the necessity for download (5)expression

do not find an intervention

allowing a smooth  and flawless transition

with that the matter ended up with a resolution

and the people gathered moved out with  a satisfaction.


Write Do I?

Write said  my mother
when I was young
write do I did I  for my mother
with thoughts strung.

Write said my teacher
when I was in school
write did I for my teacher
with fear full.

Write said my Professor
when I was doing research
write did I for my Professor
with earnest search.

Write not now said my family
when I entered the wedlock
write not I for my family
with everything locked.

Write did I forget for my children
as I carried and raised them strong
write not I for my children
with a yearning long.

Write now bids my mind
as now I am free and released
write now for my mind
with a vigour unleashed.


The Work Load

The work not lets me go 

even though I become slow

I have to resume my flow

no matter however low

and tired I go about.


With the program piling up one by one

not of great importance in the run

I have to fight not with the gun

but get along without any fun

well that has been my life out-and-out.


The small things getting over

while the great things slip lower

the unremarkable flies up to the tower

while the  valid goes down the shower

Oh! that has been me without a shout.


The happenings getting distinguished

the distinct get  relinquished

while the shadow remains not vanquished

the  pertinent disappears and becomes finished

Gosh! that has been the direction about.



Wondering  is it the same to all

Do all experience the same call ?

Never did I play with any different ball

as I work my livelihood with a workload

Lo! that has been my destiny without a doubt.