Experience Talks

The experience talks they say

 as it goes on the dock  in a sway

 with the years that have rolled down

I get to know that the righteous be rewarded  .


For long did I not believe in these  you might think

really I never went by the specific  theory   in a blink

having had  my doubts and difficulties on my   track

I thought the malignant infliction get across in a pack.


Now I realize with a  prompt from my own

that the evil gets sealed by its inciting  throngs shown

coiling itself into the web that it has spun

unable to get into the  speeding run.


I see virtually at times most recent

that the I__m_The_Punishment_Of_God_1_5wrong-doer has to face life indecent

losing his wealth ill got by  manipulation

heading straight away to penury and destitution.








That Is What Is Found

Into the world of serfdom

I awake.

Into the world of delirium

I rise.

Into the world of hatred

I see.

Into the world of audacity

I go through.

Into the world of scorn

I am put in.

Into the world  of contempt

I am pushed through.600x350.fitandcrop

Into the world of envy

I live through

That be the world I perceive

That is the world  I  look around

That would be  not be sound

But that is what is found.