The Source Over Thought

With a source so little
with thoughts  being extensive
both the source and thoughts
being at loggerheads
he attempting to coordinate
the monetary part of his cycle
with the metaphysical one
a job too tough to fuse
forcing him to infuse
a strict measure in the schedule
a slight deviation and an include
would  land him in trouble
as of always the mercenary part
overpowering the imaginary clout
the mind coming out of the blue
allowing the heart to sink with a glue
that has always been a story  in the mould
that be true,scientists-find-one-source-of-prayers-power_1significant  and gold


Old Is Gold

Talking of days old

thinking of them as gold

has been the way for many

comparing event the tiny

with those of them years back

has been in the track

while those who talk and think

feel those being the best in a wink

failing to accept the new

as if they are not in the queue

saying  they are not of quality

seeming to have a frailty

that of a less grade

expecting them to fade

and anticipating a break

giving no value to the money spent

being an attitude that needsold is gold to be bent .