Jesus Is Born

Jesus being born
the stars in  the sky shone
proclaiming  a great event
telling all he be a savant
came to earth  to save all
who were about to fall
redeeming them from sins
lending them a life
full of bliss and mirth
love all and be kind to all
that be his message in a call
that be the day download (14)from ages
be termed as Christmas in all stages
the day he, Jesus Christ  came to earth
born to  retrieve the earth from dearth.


A distinct And Different Bird.

I saw a bird different

all in light  grey colour with a yellow beak

being not used to seeing birds  of reference

having  such distinct colour and sleek

wondered from where it came from.

Might be a migratory bird from a land

known for cold and snow in the realm

fearing the icy wind  had flown grand

travelling thousands of miles across

flying over the seas and mountains

scared off the iceberg and thaws

has come to  a place certain

where there be no frost  and no cause

as  to  get killed in the cold

where it could survive in moderate climate

with lots of sunshine and water

feeling much better and comfortable  in a state

after the passing away of the charter

possibly would return to her abode

refreshed and re equipped in strength

understandably this images (38) is surely  the bird’s code.







Twisting Words

A simple thing gets twisted on the go

making a great issue with much ado

having talked about it for hours in a course

the topic  pushing headway to a close

gets not completed but drags on

as the contender follows it on

with a drive  forward not cool

not intending to conclude it in full

finding loopholes in a circuit

and detecting if’s and but’srestlessin a conduit

there goes the schedule never-ending

impossible to put a full stop  as some are pending

the argument never ceases at all

forcefully mounting up  to a call

that releases heat and emotion  altogether

not inclined to a healthy stroll in a gather.




The Strange And Peculiar.

he feel being one of strange
that of being out of range
striking on something peculiar
pointing towards nothing regular
wanting to be away from the world
the people around do not go by the word
that prompts a jump out from the milieu
might look  a little different from the expectation
that has been the way one has to go in suspension
proposing a stigma of consciousness
varying in a degree of insightfulnesdownload (13)
Well, the feel has taken me a long way out
heralding a disenchanted mode throughout
that be the feel strange and peculiar
that be the thought great and similar.


The Show

The shows get exciting

when there be a keen competition

bringing  in a source of inspiration

that should not border on a compelling

whether they be forceful or voluntary

there ought to be a preparation

basic and practice to perfection

rehearsed many a more time

then put up on stage

that too before a large audience

who make up the knowledgeable

and also the lay men

coming to witness the performance

for  an enjoyment and relish

as well for  an acquisition of wealth

never in the form of mundane and monetary

but one of great enthrallment.

and an experience of exaltation

that should be the motivation

that be the drive behind

any attempt to showcase

recitals  of merit and credit.