Small Adjustments -A Christmas Message.

The small  and small adjustments
go to make big and big images (37)achievements
whether it be in life
or might be in strife
a little give and take
just for peace sake
give us a life full of harmony
which is the best money
one would win over
leading to a life blissful
and to a  grace delightful


Her Reward

Great be her kindness
going in an outflow
that becomes overwhelming
with an act of mercy
that being one of great rendition
covering the whole extension
holding two tiny fingers
lifting them up with cheer
whose cheeks look dry
with the eyes expressing no life
and body with protruding bones
embracing him with love
she takes the child home
knowing noimages (36)t whose child he be
nurses him with all care
feed him and bathes him
with the days going by
he becomes a robust child
healthy and cheerful
Well, that be her reward
better than any recognition
national or international.


Man of His Own Creation.

Talking all in terms of goodness
doing acts not with the fullness
taking things with great easiness
leaving them to work at their own pace
not wanting to see and face
those who did and do harm in close
keeping away from them in a choose
been his way all throughout
yet he claims to be shrewd in and out
if that be so I have my own doubt
about quick healthy-whalewit and right decision
he is a man  of his own creation.


A Good Man

A man who talks good
who does good
who writes good
who reads good
who lives good
who buys things good
who is all good
a personification of good
had one choice not good
married to a woman not good.


The Day Rolls Out.

The day’s activities be it great or ordinary

takes one in a series of  affectation extraordinary

that of unexpected calls  in time not  proper

that of interruptions  at moments improper

gives a  startling feel in a duration short

envisaging a criteria   in a sort

have to go through them in a dumb spell

as if nothing amiss has happened in a tell

lest the day gets rolled in a disfavour

as the errands halt  without a vigour.

then comes a  fall back and stoppage

the day gets paralysed  with an entourage

the day-to-day schedule getting deferred

with a salvation not found in the  buffer.Twig_Vase_H