Harmony -Haiku

The harmony cries

 with the hormones vying high 

causing  sure shy.images (28)


The Fountain In A Mountain

Had been to a mountain
which had a fountain
that worked with colourful water
being not an artificial charter
being a natural delight
with no dealing slight
luxurious and wonderful
impressing the spectator to the full
set amidst the surroundings magnificent
with dense trees and verdant relevance
the fountain gushed out merrily
seemingly singing out a lyric cheerfully
an exuberance to be experienced
not easy to be expressed.images (27)


The Mirror

Have a  very huge mirror
which reflects the inner
not your face alone
but you heart   and tone
showing not your facial beauty
but revealing your inmost booty
highlighting not only the visual
but underlining the virtual
that be the true black_mirror_frame_by_berrykissed-d4lq82dmirror
that cohere the inner and outer
seamlessly in an altogether
make haste to gather.