The Rain—–Haiku

The rains came

with great sound and fury

pouring nothing  elserain.


The Fall Physical And Mental

It being an abject fall
with all bones crumbled
being  unable to  crawl
he groaned and fumbled
crying with pain  and yelping
he lay on the ground
with none to render a helping
his fear was real and bound
as time was passing in a way
between life and death
his existence was exposed to a play
releasing a sense  of dearth
so be all in reality
being similar in experience too
with the failure exactly
there would be not even two
offering comfort and  aid
when the downfall becomes prominent
as there would rise a despondency imminent



My Destiny

Preparing the stage with labour
writing the documents  with fervour
focusing on issues with insight
drafting the replies with foresight
has been my way of doing
when there comes the enacting
it is a quite  overcoming by  my maker_of_my_destiny_decisions_by_atomic_blondiebetter half
who steals the limelight with a big laugh
that stings me to the very bottom
and sinks my spirit to the autumn
quickly reconciling to the destiny
throwing out in disgust my last penny.


The Little Child —Haiku

The little  child
made to call alphabets  loud
cries in wild. images (29)


The Mist And Cold

The morning frost is biting
with a mist rising
yonder over the hills
slowing moving with a will
hiding the path all around
a partial invisibility in the round
affecting the traffic in a way
as people get stranded all the day
unable to proceed to work
as they have to look
at alternatives for their sojourn
making it a difficult prone
the day advancing toward noon
yet the mist over the hillschilliness continues soon
heading towards the  night
when it would be freezing tight.