My Cook Contradicts

Arguments with my cook
go on forever and ever
today it started off
for a simple issue of sugar
I lose my temper in the quick
spell out bitter words
while he gets worked up
and grumbles to himself
It starts in a way
when I say with anger
I gave a cup of sugar
only yesterday
he refutes quickly
with a retort sharp
saying it was day before yesterday
emphasises each and every word
that too in tone high
with a pause and a drag
infuriates me very badly
cookI shout at him
and he keeps on mumbling
the hour turns unpleasant
as the sugar loses its sweetness
and becomes stale and tasteless.


The Mist And Cold

The morning frost is biting
with a mist rising
yonder over the hills
slowing moving with a will
hiding the path all around
a partial invisibility in the round
affecting the traffic in a way
as people get stranded all the day
unable to proceed to work
as they have to look
at alternatives for their sojourn
making it a difficult prone
the day advancing toward noon
yet the mist over the hillschilliness continues soon
heading towards the  night
when it would be freezing tight.


Sweet Are The Uses Of Adversity.

Sweet are the uses of adversity 

 while adversity goes on with a diversity 

the uses turn sour and become a gamble

making life hard and a struggle

giving a learning strong and sound

enabling one to face the music asweetround.








Kettle On

With sound of the kettle
and clattering of pans
another day begins
The appeasing lies
not merely on the stomach
also on the taste buds
which pass comments many kettle
over tastes too much in any
be it sweet or hot or bitter
care should be there always
as anything allowed to remain long
gets overburnt beyond redemption
anything that is switched off quickly
stays unboiled again unfit for consumption
The morning passes tensed up mostly
with the ladle in the hand
and the apron round the neck.

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Debt Recovery Tribunal of India -Part-III

The anomalies in the judgements of DRT is  extremely painful to the companies.

The modifications in the RBI  one time settlements are too many and too difficult to adhere.

The stipulateded time  is too short,, the  procedures  are confusing , the bureaucratic behaviour  of the banks  is suffocating,and  the  inhuman sneer of the DRT is humiliating.

As ,in all government offices, Corruption and bribery , are predominant in DRT.

The Presiding officer, the recovery officers, the inspectors and the sub staff , expect a sizable amount to conclude the case.

The appeal, however meritorious, however, much based on factual, however genuine in its submission, wil  not find a positive judgement.

But a petition,  extremely out of context, based on blatant lies, a compound of fiction and falsification , will end up triumphantly, for reasons best known to the judges, who have taken an oath to act without prejudice  on Holy scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, Bible and Koran.

“Satyameva jaya dev” Truth ever prevails is the clarion call of Lord Krishna.

“Asatyameva jayadev”.Untruth ever prevails , is the tall claim of DRT.

. With the enormous powers vested on the tribunal, it can identify wiful defaulters from  genuine failures and pronounce judgement accordingly.

Industries have failed in their repayment, but the DRT’s have to go beyond its circumvention.

Why have they failed ?

Did they swindle?

Did they lose ?

Was it due to mismangement?

Did the banks aided them with adequate finance and at the appropriate time.?

What was the rate of interest the bank levied on its advances?

Did the bank give  them another opportunity?

Did the bank meted out unbiased treatment to the so called   powerful industrilist, and the simple modest  entrepreneur.?

The DRT , has the infrastructure, it has the man power, it possesses the money vibrancy , as it is backed by the Finance Ministry ..

It has to establish truth and codify a congenial industrial climate.

The officials should rise above the frailties of money , power and rank, and give out a verdict to make India shine and emerge as a super power.

Will the DRT respond?