The Wait.

I had to wait a little
made me frettle
I was like a kettle
boiling and fuming .

The time dragged on
I sat there all alone
would have flown
if not for the necessity,

Wait, I had to for long
lost my patience not wrong
diffused in the throng
I stood aghast and irritated.

It seems to be over the move
I had nothing to prove
jumped into the car and drove
an end to the wait finally.



The Cook’s Delight.

The chip chop in the kitchen 

with the cook getting on the run

he always in a hurry

as if some one is ravenously hungry

or be a school going kid  preparing to get ready

wanting his breakfast on the table

or be so an executive running g high

as time is flying in a  speed

with the breakfast getting late

with no such identity in the vicinity

the cook turns frantic in the early morn

pulling the knives from their place

banging the pans with a sound

cutting the onions in speed

while som fall down unable to cope

he shrieks and murmurs himself

chiding the onions for having slipped

and scolding the carrots for being too thick

as the milk vendor comes in with a whistle

the cook’s next human target

who shouts at him at the top of his voice

crying that  his morning tea has been delayed

running to the stove to place the kettle

doing all this with a precipitation

for no reason what soever

as the master of the house is in the patio

reading the morning newspaper

and who has not the habit of sipping the  tea

as he  breaks his fast daily

after taking his morning bath

well over nine in the morning

the cook wanting to finish the day work

wishing BrentPassto chit-chat with the staff

who turn up for duty at nine in thee morning.

What a show it is every morn

a drama in real life seen without a penny.





The Boil

Boiling over the kettle
whistled all in a settle
puffing and pushing
the steam escaping
through the gap
the heat is in a trap
if closed perfect
could bring effects
that would work out great
so do the heart
with its feelings in chart
would rise up and burst
if let in a with a fret
that be properly redeemed
would go down  in the steam
and fizzle out in no time
bringing good chimes.

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Kettle On

With sound of the kettle
and clattering of pans
another day begins
The appeasing lies
not merely on the stomach
also on the taste buds
which pass comments many kettle
over tastes too much in any
be it sweet or hot or bitter
care should be there always
as anything allowed to remain long
gets overburnt beyond redemption
anything that is switched off quickly
stays unboiled again unfit for consumption
The morning passes tensed up mostly
with the ladle in the hand
and the apron round the neck.