The Boil

Boiling over the kettle
whistled all in a settle
puffing and pushing
the steam escaping
through the gap
the heat is in a trap
if closed perfect
could bring effects
that would work out great
so do the heart
with its feelings in chart
would rise up and burst
if let in a with a fret
that be properly redeemed
would go down  in the steam
and fizzle out in no time
bringing good chimes.

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The Malls And Shops

The shops do roll  out

fascinations great and lovely

with a host of new arrivals

and a stock of  traditional

catering to the category

that of fashionable and customary

inviting  customers old and new

caring for them with full heart

extending a warm cordiality

that be lacking in malls

where  sales  become mechanical

with sales persons work for commissions

that be more the volume of images (44)images (43) sales

there be increase in their pay pack

as money takes the cue with strength

the one to one affinity gets back

just a mechanical process

bereft of  gestures fine.







The day That Is

The day turns out to be one of vain

as people go bragging for gain

going by the words  not true

standing out for things that grew

on a soil  laden by lies

as these lies get ahead in tries

bringing  fortunes to those

who  like to reap in a chose

with benefits much and great

that make them rich and powerful images (42)

as wealth brings fame too

a comfort that none other could buy

that  would last until one dies







The Toil

The sweat goes without saying

through the throng in a going

with only a few being occupied

the rest remain satisfied

enjoying the fruits of the hard-working

passing comments without  reckoning

not doing things at all in the move

but  kidding over that being done with a reprove

building over the perspiration of those who do

finally ejecting them out from the main stream in a go

that has been the fate of those who toil

not leaving anything in the midst of the boil

tending with great care and attention

really getting nothing back only detention.




The Foil

The foil  thin and transparent

  could be seen through  being apparent

having a silvery shine and glow

the tenacity it has in a flow

could hold all things in one go

be it heavy, light, mild or sticky in row

never giving out its content

closely holding them with intent

an easy  pack to carry in hand

essentially disposable when thrown in sand

that is what we human do unmindful

discarding that has served us in full

never a thought crosses and holds back

down it goes into the drain  all into the track

clogging the outlets thick and stock

that has taken me away from the talk

about the foil in the regular run

it is always my way not in fun

coming back to the topic in short

have to conclude thus in a  bought tin-foil

the foil though being very meagre in merit

has a lot to be sung to its credit.